Scratch Summery

scratch game 2  In the last session of scratch we had to go around testing peoples games and writing evaluations about there game. I played Rubens game, Sam’s game and Max’s game. I liked all the game that I had played. The first game is a game that i am still making the game but it is going to be a soccer game. You can pick what team you are out of red teams and blue teams.

The Second game is a game that you have to park a car in the blue zone then you go to the next level. There is 8 levels then you finish the game, the game is very hard and you can get really angry when you play this game.

some feedback that i have got from people that have played my game. For the car parking game, you should put a timer and lives in so when you crash you lose a life. To make it a 2 player game and to make so you have to race to the blue zone to get to the next level.

It was fun doing scratch for a term and I learnt lots of things that I didn’t think that i was going to do. It was hard at first because I didn’t what to do but after a few lesson i started to make some games. Scratch was one of the most fun things that i had done for this term.                   scratch game


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