On the holidays i went to Ballarat for the last weekend, i went to Ballarat for a basketball tournament. We had to play four games on the Saturday and 2 games on the Sunday. The games were two 20 minute halves. It was a though day and we all got really tired when we got back to the motel. After all the normal games had finished we went it the semi final against a team called Saints. Saints were a good team and it was a tough game to win. We lost by 7 points in the semi. It was a great weekend and a tough weekend.Our team had a great time in Ballarat.

Microworlds Quiz

Today in Microwrolds we had to share our quizs in a group of 3 or 4. I was in a group with Reuben and Zoe. The quizs that we showed were really good and they had a lot of detail. When we found our groups we got started. Reuben went first, His quiz was really good and the question were about Rube Goldberg Machines and the things that you need to use. Then I showed my quiz, Some of the feed back was, If you do it again you say what sport it is because I didn’t know what sport it was. Then Zoe showed her quiz, Zoe’s quiz was about animals the questions were difficult and it was a challenge to get answer right.

microwrldsThis is one of my Questions.