This is my holes reflection.

The main character is Stanley. Stanley went to Camp Green Lake because two shoes fell off a highway and landed on his head. The shoes that fell off the highway cost a lot of money and they were going to get given to charity and charity were going to sell them and get the money. The famous baseball player’s shoes that fell off the highway were Clyde Livingston.


Camp Green Lake is a place that is open. There are people there who have done something wrong. They go there and dig holes in the blazing hot sun, if you find something that Mr Pendanski likes you get the rest of the day off. All the boys at Camp Green Lake have all different nicknames.


In the huts that the boys sleep in, the bed that Stanley uses is named after Barf Bag.


When the boys go out to start digging their holes they all stand in the same order every time they do it. When they are going to get their shovels Zero goes and gets the smallest shovel so he doesn’t have to dig a bigger hole than anybody else does. Half way through digging their holes Mr Pendanski comes along with a water truck to fill the boys drink bottles up so they have enough water till they are finished their holes.