Thursday sport

This week we versed Grove Dale West, we versed them in soccer. It was a very muddy field and it was really fun to play in the mud. I was playing in the back line for the first half and in the second half I played up at the forward line. At half time the scores were 6:0 college were winning. in the second half we were playing really good plays but we only scored 4 goals in that half and they scored 2, It was a very fun game and we played really well as a team, I thought I played really well in defense and in the forward line as well. after the game we played a penalty shoot out in the mud. It was really fun day of playing soccer. I scored one goal and we won. The final score was 10:2 we won.

Rube Goldberg Project

In design we started of with finishing of our new designs because we didn’t use our original design to make a new design. Our new design was to start of with a ramp that hits a button that makes a loop to loop go , after the loop to loop it hits another button that launches a car onto a bridge that hits this ginormous marble bridge and hits the flying fox.