Jump Rope For Heart

Yesterday we helped out with the junior school students for jump rope for heart. Jump rope for heart is an activity that you skip in all different ways of skipping like long rope and short rope. We helped out with grade 2s. We were in groups of four, I was with Spencer, Angus, Max and I. we had lots of fun helping out the grade2s.

Thursday sport

This week we versed Grove Dale West, we versed them in soccer. It was a very muddy field and it was really fun to play in the mud. I was playing in the back line for the first half and in the second half I played up at the forward line. At half time the scores were 6:0 college were winning. in the second half we were playing really good plays but we only scored 4 goals in that half and they scored 2, It was a very fun game and we played really well as a team, I thought I played really well in defense and in the forward line as well. after the game we played a penalty shoot out in the mud. It was really fun day of playing soccer. I scored one goal and we won. The final score was 10:2 we won.

Rube Goldberg Project

In design we started of with finishing of our new designs because we didn’t use our original design to make a new design. Our new design was to start of with a ramp that hits a button that makes a loop to loop go , after the loop to loop it hits another button that launches a car onto a bridge that hits this ginormous marble bridge and hits the flying fox.


Winter sport carnival week 1

Yesterday we played Montpellier in winter carnival week one, I was playing soccer in the three team because I got moved down to play for them because they didn’t have enough players. At the end of the first half the scores were 3-2 Montpellier were winning. At the start of the second half we didn’t play our best like the forst half and they scored 3 goals and we scored none. I think our team did really well but we didn’t come out with the win. The end scores were 6-2 we toke a loss.

Group Maths

In maths today we had to choose a three digit number and try to make as many combinations as possible with those three numbers. The numbers I thought of were 319, I found 16 combinations that I thought of. When you have finished the first activity you had to do the same thing but using a four digit number, When you got up to the four digit number there was more combinations then the first one.

The more challenging one was probably the second one you mite do the same number twice then you would have to go through the whole list to see if you have the same number.

After the number activity we played a game called nock out, The game works like you have got a pile of cards that have all different maths questions and you had a board with the answers of the cards on the board

Computer Electives session 2

Today in computer electives we had to sketch a cover for any device that you have at your house. I picked to sketch a I phone 4s cover and maybe print them off later on. I think this session of 3d printing was very fun to do because we got to start making my I phone case on Tinkercad.

Rube Goldberg Machines, Session 1

The first session of our rube Goldberg machine was all about designing our machines. Our group thought to open a locker for our first idea, But our second idea was even better then the first one. Our idea is that we are going to make a marble hit a button that makes a speaker that makes a sound.