The Big Thing and Scratch

Today in the big thing we tested it for the last time. When we were going to test it some of the parts weren’t working yet. Our part was working but some of the part after us.

I hope the big thing will be finished soon so we could show some people in the school.

When we have the next big thing session I hope all the groups can fish there parts.



Today in scratch I kept on making my basketball game. When I was making the game I changed to one basketball ring because there wasn’t enough room for two. I have been making the other game modes for the game, like freestyle and shoot around. In freestyle you will be able to do dunks and layups and in shoot around you will be able to shoot 3 pointers and shoot lump shoots.

The Big Thing and Programing

Today in the Big Thing we changed some things around our part. We ripped off the tennis tube so henrys part could go into ours better. We pulled it off because henrys jump wasn’t working because it broke and the tubing went out of place.

Today in programing I went on with my basketball game. We added in the court and the basketball ring. After we put in the basketball ring we put in the options.

CaptureThis part of the program is when the mouse pointer is over a sprite it makes the object that you have your mouse pointer over.

The Big Thing, Test 2 and Programing

IMG_5059 This is a video of our part and the parts after us working.


Today in the big thing we tested the machine for the second time. I didn’t get to see the first test. I think that we need to line the parts up so the marbles can work. When we pulled out the tables all the parts near ours didn’t work anymore.



Today in programing I started to make a basketball animation/game.I still need to make the rest of the game but I have made all the sprits.



In Tinkercad I have been adding things to my golf course. I made the whole and going to make the stand and some other parts to it so you have more options to make your own course. I have been making a basketball ring and going to make a different basketball singlet.

3d 3This is my golf parts.

The Big Thing

Today in the big thing Sam Max and I helped out sergej because he needed to make his part to go up. I made a program for it but we just have to test it out next session. The one thing that we need to work on is getting all for our parts together in our section of the machine working because we are testing all the parts together on Friday.


In TinkerCAD I have been making a small golf course. It has been tough making it because I need to make some obstacle’s that you have to try to avoid. I think that I can try and make a small golf club to hit the small ball. I wont to try and make the course that it only takes three hits if you are good at golf.