Passion project #2 term4

The last few weeks I haven’t done very much with my passion project but I have been thinking what my cake will look like. I have changed my mind. I will make a strawberry sponge cake with sprinkles on top (in the shape of a cupcake). I haven’t really achieved much so far only how and what I will do. I am VERY busy next weekend so the one after that I will film. We have practised a bit making different cakes. I have really been looking into what my cake will look like and what type I will do. I have had heaps off different cake ideas but I have a story behind why I am making sponge cake. So we were taking about strawberry and I started singing a song which will be a surprise. Then I thought of a strawberry sponge cake. My challenges so far are probably how busy I have been lately because I have coxing 4 times a week which interferes A LOT.  I have been sick this weekend so I couldn’t do it then unless I wanted a sneeze cake. My next step is going to be filming 🙂Related image

Billiard Ball Bounce

We finished a new project called Billiard Ball Bounce. We started last week and finished on 8/11/17.

What we had to do was we got a length and width and we had move it in a 45 degree angle. The ball would bounce on the walls until it entered a corner then it would be over.

We then started recording on a chart. We put down how many bounces, final pocket, pattern and equivalent tables. It would make it easier to find a pattern. It was really challenging at first because the pattern was hard to find but when I got explained it got easier.

We went on the software (maths 300) to look for more patterns. We did that over a few days and we started finding patterns. I found a few patterns but they didn’t work for every equations.

The first strategy I tried was adding them together. When I added them together that equalled the number with a plus 1. That didn’t work for every number. Then I looked deeper into the numbers and I found that one number was bigger than the other. So I tried to plus them together  but one number was over fifty and the other was under fifty. Again that only worked for some.

I used plus, take away and equivalent numbers. Not all of these mathematics worked but some did.

I think it was challenging at the start to find a pattern because their are soooooo many different lengths and widths that you can use.

I learnt about factors and looking into deeper patterns that you can find.

The pattern was :

1 You find the factors of both of the numbers

2 Add the two numbers together

3 divide it by the factor

4  -2


This project was ok but I probably would do it again if I had to!

Building views 17/10/17

In project maths we have been doing building views. We had to follow the building squares and look at the sides and front views of the building. We used building blocks to make 3D objects. So basically we were transforming 2D buildings on paper and turning them into 3D objects on the table/paper. I missed a lesson of this so I only did one lesson of it. (sorry for the  repetitive words). I also did only one lesson basically because I had photos when we were doing the first lesson so I lesson 2 I had to finish it and I didn’t have time to do the lesson 2 task. (sorry for the really confusing explanation). I will explain task 2 in lesson 2 anyways though. So we didn’t have a chart to copy from so we were given a picture of the front view and side view instead. We had to use exactly 15 blocks to make the picture but not ruining the other blocks inside. (confusing again sorry). Anyway so basically we were give the side view and the front view but nothing else and we had to make it that the front view was the same and the side view was to. Then once you figured it out you have to keep adding blocks but not change the views. I was at home feeling sick when we did the last task so I have no idea what it was so I can’t explain that sorry.

When we did this it was mostly about concentrating for me because I didn’t want to get one block in the wrong place or else the whole problem would be wrong. I also had to make sure that when I was coping it down I didn’t tip the building over. I just moved my head to the side because then I wouldn’t risk tipping it over. After I had put one of the blocks down I would always double check that I got it right.

I didn’t really use any strategies because I only did the first task which didn’t really need many strategies.

I used focusing because as I said before I didn’t want to mess up the whole equation. I didn’t really use many math skills because when I did it didn’t really use much only being careful I guess, but I did use problem solving, and space.

I found it was challenging not to make the blocks fall because I made them fall a lot and it was really annoying because I had to build it again.

I learnt that something that looks small takes a lot of time. I also learnt about the views of building are usually different to the actual building it self.

I didn’t really like this project I found it quite boring but its fun to give it a go!


Term 4 passion project #1

Yay its the last term of year 6! This year has been sooooo much fun. These passion projects have made it even more fun. Well this is my last one! I wonder what will happen next year. Well enough of that let me explain my Passion project.

Ok so this term I thought I would bake a cake. My cake is going to be veryyyyyyy tasty and sickly at the same time. Comment on this post if you want some, haha just kidding. I want to make my cake massive because this is the last passion project. I am choosing cooking because I think it is sooo much fun getting lots of different ingredients and making one big tasty, spongy cake. On the holidays I loveeeeee making pancakes because of cooking. When my mum sometimes wasn’t home I would even make dinner. I think going through all of the ingredients in the pantry is so fun because you have to be very careful you don’t pick the wrong thing. But do you know what the best bit is…. licking the bowl hehe. Any way I hope my cake to have lots of different layers and be very pretty on the outside.

Now this term I have some goals:

1- I want to get my passion project done earlier so I don’t have to stress over it.

2- I want to use lots of different angles so my passion project doesn’t make everyone yawn.

3- This is probably my biggest goal, I have been using movie maker to edit but I want to use premier pro this term and challenge myself a bit more. Anyway, if I mess it up it doesn’t matter because I can either start again or have a laugh!

What do I intend to create- I want to show everybody how to make a nice yummy tall cake without  me speaking. Everyone should know how to make a cake and if you don’t why not learn of my film. Since my cake is going to be big not everyone has to follow all my decoration parts thye can just stop at the oven stage but if you want to make the same cake as me. Writing this I just had an idea, maybe I can use icing pens.

What technologies do I intend to learn about- I want to start learning more about premier pro because I don’t know too much about it so I can have a fiddle around.

Who is your project for- My project is mainly for people that want to learn to make a cake and for maybe inspiration on ideas to decorate. I want my cake to make me feel happy and my audience to also feel happy.

What are you mostly looking forward to- Well being honest, eating the cake. But um maybe filming because I get to make the cake then lick the bowl then eat it. And I might bring some in for my teacher. (I don’t know if I am allowed to say her name).

Anyways the passion project should be really fun and I am really looking forward to it! Btw (by the way) the picture down below is not what my cake will look like!Image result for big cake with lots of decorating

Passion Project term 3 #3

I finished filming and editing last week. My dad helped me film my passion project. I filmed my whole passion project on the same day. I really like my passion project because I got to film everything I like doing. I edited on Movie maker because it was quite simple and it was easier to use. I didn’t really use my script because we just used what we thought was better. My passion project was better this term because I had it sorted.

Passion project 1/2

This is my 1 1/2 passion project blog post. The reason why it is called 1 1/2 is because I actually haven’t done much since my last blog post. On Tuesday my Mum and I are going to go and film. We have a few snippets of the film but we are going to actually film the whole thing on Tuesday.

OTTT The great ocean road

My factoural film is going to be about The Great Ocean Road. I have found out a lot the great ocean road and how it all started.

The main topic that I think I might do is all about how it started, why it started and the views. I have done this becaysue I am very interested in all the facts about how the 3000 returned soliders built the geat ocean road for a permement memorial for those who died in woeld war 1 It took around 13 year for them to build it and they only got about 61 pence which is 30 c and day.

I think story is important because the people that fourt for us built the great ocean road and it is a memorial for those who died fir us wich is very important. Some of the soldiers actually died whilst making and building the great ocean road. Their are clifts all through The Graet Ocean Road so the soliders would risk their lives to hang off the cifts so they could chip away the rock.

Here are the facts that I found out whilst researching The Great Ocean Road:


  • The great ocean road is 243 km long.
  • The great ocean road starts at Torquay and ends at Allansford.
  • The soldiers who returned from war made the great ocean road.
  • The road was carved by pick and shovel.
  • The soldiers that made the great ocean road would have to hang off cliffs and probably died for some of them.
  • You can also walk the great ocean road for diabetes.
  • Approximately 3000 people returned from war and helped to build the great ocean road. It took 13 year to make from 1919 to 1932.
  • The reason why the Barwon heads sky diving is on the great ocean road is because it was originally going to start at Barwon heads.
  • On the 26th of November 1932, the road officially opened.
  • Some people illegally some people set up campsites and made people pay to come and use the great ocean road.
  • One dollar is 61 pence and the workers got 18 pence a day which now days is 30c.
  • The great ocean was originally going to end at Warrnambool.
  • The great ocean road is a permanent memorial for those who died by fighting in world war 1
  • Construction began in September 1919 using a large labour force of some 3000 returned soldiers from world war 1.
  • The soldiers were chosen to build the great ocean road because they couldn’t get other jobs because they were crippled.Image result for The great ocean road




Project Maths 1-100

At the moment in project maths we were set a challenge! Our challenge was to find a solution to add all the numbers up to 100 up – E.G 1+2+3… and so on. A School boy named Carl Frederish Gaussa in the 17 hundreads answered the question by the time the teacher walked about 10 metres without knowing the teacher would ask that question, since it was in the 17 hundreads he had no caculater. WOW. We had to work with some different strategies and we had to work it out. It was not as easy as it sounded. It took us 1 session to finally get our answer (8/8/17).

So, what I did was I used a calculator but that was not at all fast. On the calculator, we could only put 30 numbers on at the time. The answer Sienna and I got was 14,162 but somehow that was wrong. The real answer was 5050. Then what I did, as another strategy was I used long addition, which took a long, time but go my brain working more than using a calculator. I split it up in sections of 1+2+3 until I reached ten and my answer from 1- 10 was which equals 55. I did that again with the teens so 11+12+13… 20 and then I add that up until I get my answer, which was 135. I then added on that to my other number 55 and the equals 190 and I did that and kept going until I got to 100.

Some other people used blocks, which showed us how, work some things out faster but I seriously do not know how that helped.

The different mathematics that I used were long addition, calculator, adding, blocks 9 I had a go but I didn’t really understand them) and my last one I had to use was subtraction because when I got things wrong I had to subtract them.

The most challenging thing was properly being confused by doing my long addition strategy because I had to add up my numbers in each brackets then add up the totals out of all, which was really quite confusing.

I have learnt how to add up long addition a lot better and how to add up brackets better but this task has been fun, I really enjoyed it.

Passion Project term 3 #1

Term three is here and we are doing passion projects again. I am doing mine on exercise. Lets hope its better than my last one !!!

I have had to prepare for my passion project how I will film, where I will film, when I will film and how to get some of the things in my passion project to work such as making the dog drop the ball. I have also already done my shot list so I pretty much ready to film.

I do not have many different shots in my film but the shots I will be using are M.S aka Mid Shot, C.U aka Close Up, E.C.U aka Extreme Close Up, L.A aka Low Angle and last Dolly. I think these shots will suit my projects because I feel like they look good with the things that I will be filming, e.g a M.S of a lady bug is not good because you can hardly see it but a C.U you can with the finest detail.

My next step will probably be filming because I have done everything else. I just need to find a time to do it/film it so I will probably do it next week some time. I need to sort out who will be filming with me because I can’t A- film on my own and B- I can’t go to some of these place by myself.

The purpose of my project is to make everyone big, small, skinny or jubby do exercise. I am also trying to say that you do exercise because it fun not because you need to lose weight. Running and walking is one of my passions so I want everyone to give it a go. Put some music on and out you go

My project is for basically everyone because everyone can run if they get them selves out the door and actually try to enjoy it. I am really looking forward to just making my passion project my own and not anybody elses. ITS MINE!

shotlist pp term 3-r1prfg





Term 2 reflection

Yay, Term 2 is nearly over. But that means we have to write our reflections. So here is mine!!!

Passion Projects- This term as home learning we had to create a film about a passion that we have. I chose the ocean. But we lost our go pro in the ocean when we were filming. So I had to choose another topic. I chose sport. When I next do my passion project I want to make sure my footage is not bumpy. My passion project was also terribly boring so I want to change that. I think passion projects were really fun because we could see what other people passions are. All of the passion projects were different so I thought that was entertaining as well.

Writing- In writing this semester I am really improving on how long my stories are. My writing Is also starting to get les boring. I have loved thinking for ideas because I can choose what ever I want. We also got some cards that we have used in RVE so we could think of more ideas.  I also really enjoy doing my seed because I could get all of my writing down!

Sport- I have ABSOLUTELY loved sport this term. We could choose a sport to play. I chose Netball. We got to vs other schools which was really good. I loved sport. Their was an A team and then their was just other teams. I was in the A team. I loved playing netball because I could play with girls at this school that I have never played with before. We also started a girls football team. The girls football team is really fun. At the moment we are just training but in term 3 we will go to another school and play them.

P.E- This term in P.E we have done lots of filming. To be honest P.E wasn’t that fun the term because we had to focus on one skill and film it. I did the over arm through. The over arm through was fun but I wish we could do the drop punt as well as over arm through but we had to choose one of them.

T.E.D- This term we have started TED talks. My topic is dogs being locked in hot cars. I and no idea of what my topic was going to be but then I thought of animal cruelty. I think TED is really fun because we can write a 3-4 min about a topic that we like. We can put down anything that we thought would make people feel a bit guilty. I have finished my story clip. Our story clips are our ted talks recorder from our voices and we have pictures as well.

Goals for term 3- My term three goals are

.Get 5 published writing pieces done.

. Make all my writing neat

. Do all my home work.

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