Term 2 reflection

Yay, Term 2 is nearly over. But that means we have to write our reflections. So here is mine!!!

Passion Projects- This term as home learning we had to create a film about a passion that we have. I chose the ocean. But we lost our go pro in the ocean when we were filming. So I had to choose another topic. I chose sport. When I next do my passion project I want to make sure my footage is not bumpy. My passion project was also terribly boring so I want to change that. I think passion projects were really fun because we could see what other people passions are. All of the passion projects were different so I thought that was entertaining as well.

Writing- In writing this semester I am really improving on how long my stories are. My writing Is also starting to get les boring. I have loved thinking for ideas because I can choose what ever I want. We also got some cards that we have used in RVE so we could think of more ideas.  I also really enjoy doing my seed because I could get all of my writing down!

Sport- I have ABSOLUTELY loved sport this term. We could choose a sport to play. I chose Netball. We got to vs other schools which was really good. I loved sport. Their was an A team and then their was just other teams. I was in the A team. I loved playing netball because I could play with girls at this school that I have never played with before. We also started a girls football team. The girls football team is really fun. At the moment we are just training but in term 3 we will go to another school and play them.

P.E- This term in P.E we have done lots of filming. To be honest P.E wasn’t that fun the term because we had to focus on one skill and film it. I did the over arm through. The over arm through was fun but I wish we could do the drop punt as well as over arm through but we had to choose one of them.

T.E.D- This term we have started TED talks. My topic is dogs being locked in hot cars. I and no idea of what my topic was going to be but then I thought of animal cruelty. I think TED is really fun because we can write a 3-4 min about a topic that we like. We can put down anything that we thought would make people feel a bit guilty. I have finished my story clip. Our story clips are our ted talks recorder from our voices and we have pictures as well.

Goals for term 3- My term three goals are

.Get 5 published writing pieces done.

. Make all my writing neat

. Do all my home work.

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Passsion Project #5 #6

This is my last bog post for my passion project term 2. The term is nearly over and we have all finished our passion projects. As you would know if you raed my last passion project post I had to find another topic to do my passion project on. I chose sport. I actually won’t be getting feedback until tomorrow but I will share what I got from my family. Ok so my parents think that I have done a really good job by actually getting it done because I had to do it on the last week because of struggles we had. My dad said that I should of had photos. The reason why I didn’t have photos was because I did my project on movie maker and that photos stood that sae for about 5 seconds and I didn’t know how to change that.

My project did NOT turn out the way I had planned it to. My topic was at first the ocean. Now I am doing sport. So no I did not plan it to be like that. I think that I have done my whole film well like every body else but I really like how all of my scenes are not all the same sport at the same time. I have a little bit of netball and a bit of other sports but it is not all in the one spot for that same sport. Next time I think I can improve on all my footage  and my angle because since my passion project was last minute I had to get all my footage of USBs and phones. I learnt through the process that bad things will take their turn but I just need to steer it my way. Putting it in different words I mean when something happens you need to get right back up and give it another try. I think next time I will not leave my passion project so far into the term.                                                        Here Is My Finished Passion Project

                               (I will put my passion project up tomorrow because I didn’t know how to put it on but I tried)

Passion Project- editing

So in our passion projects everyone is up to date but someone is not… ME. I’m not up to date. But I have an excuse. Long story short. But I have time so I will explain it for you. So have you ever been to the ocean to film with a go pro? Well that was my last time. It was a big surf that day and we were filming my 6th scene. My dad decided to see if it would float so he put it down in the ocean. We look back on it now and that was a bad idea. The go pro sank down down DOWN. A big wave came in and crashed it onto shore. Then the ocean sucked it back up to the never ending ocean. So we lost our footage. I have been thing constantly about my topic now. My mind has said to me Puppy, No sport, No Puppy, no sport. Guess what I chose. Well I chose sport. What I am doing at the moment is I am getting a bundle of photos and videos of the sport that I play. Not just sport though. I have videos of me motor bike riding so to me that is a sport. On the weekend my mum is going to film me playing netball so I can add that as well. I have planned out a few things along the track. I am going to use movie maker I am going to use movie maker and editor. I am using my parents phone to film because it will be easier because then we don’t have it on 3 phones. The skills I will use will be changing the colour, slow mo and I will also be adding music. The music I want to add is 30 second [How far i’ll go].  The things that I will try new are the app I am using because I have never used it before. The things that I will be adding into mu video aka the order thing that I am doing. Don’t ask what it is because it is a surprise. The thing that I think I will learn is how to use the app because I have never heard of it or used it as I said before.Image result for sportImage result for editing a film

Problem solving card 2

Today I completed card two of problem solving. The problem was very easy. You had to draw a map on how you can get to a meeting and back. You had to use directions such as North, South, East and West. The instructions gave us the ways to go. I made a rule that 2 grids equals 1 km. I really liked this activity not only because it was easy but because it was different. We usually had to do a lot of maths but this was just a map. I think that we should have gotten a harder question because we didn’t have to use our brain for this which I think the point is to learn. I liked this though because I thought it was very creative. It also gave me a little break from thinking a lot!Image result for problem solving

P.E video

In the last two weeks we have filmed mini videos for P.E for our skill. As you should know I did the over arm through. Here is the video.


I really enjoyed making these videos because we go to say them how ever we want. I also liked them because I have been writing on a blog and now in the video I can actually say it!

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Win At The Fair!

Over the past few weeks in project maths we have been looking at Win At The Fair. We had to make a game board. The game board at the start  was not a good fundraiser because you would lose $5 at tops. You have to roll 2 dice and you will move the way the arrows are showing on the picture at the bottom of the page.

The 2nd lesson on Win At The Fair we had to make our own game board. We used the original game board but we changed the prices to how we thought we could get lots of money. Here is my game board underneath.


I had 1000 people play my game so this is how much I profited with my game board. I profited $551.95. This is my table of how many people and how much I earnt. I can prove that I have earnt $551.95 because if you get a calculator you type in 1000 take away the number that you got then your answer will come up.

I am not 100% sure that my game board will get much profit because it dose not have dollars on it. Also you can lose $2.50 because that’s how much it cost to play. I still think people will come because it can raise money for the school. People would also come because it looks fun!

With my game board some people might lie to just raise money for the school. I can raise a lot of money for my school because everyone in the class is doing it some we will earn heaps.

With mu game again some people might feel really ripped of bye it because you can lose all your money of the first go. On my game board their is a game over straight away that you have to try and dodged other wise you lose you $2.50.

This is that data their our class made on our first lesson when we played with a partner on the right. On the left is where 6C did the same thing but they got different data. It is a bit blurry but you should be able to read it. Here is my other game boards which I made on maths 300.

Passion project Production

This is my #3rd post on my passion project. I am doing my production post.

The only production stage I have done is planning. I have figured out when I will film. I am filming this Saturday. All my other weekends have been busy so it was hard to find time. I need about a day to film which I haven’t got time yet so this weekend is when I will do it.

So I have basically just stated my problems but I will say them anyway. The problems that I have faced were find time because we are always so busy that we don’t have much time. My other problem is that we are filming so far away so we have to get their a decent time so we can stay a while.

To over come my problems that I have faced I have basically booked in the weekend that we are going to film  the weekend before!Image result for production\

Reading Rant- The Honest Truth 22/5/17

Today I finished my book. It called The honest truth. The aurther is Dan Gemeinhart. I started reading it 1 week ago. The story is about a boy called mark that ran away from his house to go climb a mountain. He had cancer so he was really sick. He ran away with his dog and it wasn’t easy to run. He had to run 300 miles to get to Mt Ranier have much money either when you read it you will find out. Mark may be sick but he was smart and so was the dog. Mark was closes to death but so was buea the dog. Read it to go on marks adventure to get to the top of Mt Rainers and to find out if they survive!

The Genre of the book is adventure. I have been searching all over the internet to find out if the book is true or made up. I am not quite sure. I will look into it and find out for you!

Their is nothing I didn’t like about this text expect I would really like if Dan could explain the dog a bit more. I really like how the book was very emotional and I was almost crying when I read it. I got a massive lump in my throat. When I read the book I  could really picture  it in my head.

I would recommended this book to people that like to read adventurous books. The people that read it must note that have to be able to deal with sad bits in the book. I think the book is also very confronting.

When I say this I am not just going to say it for the sake of it but I will rate this a 10/10 because it is a book hat I could read forever if I wanted to. Last year I read this at school and since it was my first time reading it I balled my eyes out. And I know last year the yr 5s read it.

Here is 2 f the front covers of the book so you can recognize it: Image result for the honest truthImage result for the honest truth

Birke Baehr

Today in our TED TALK we listened to a boy our age named birke and I am going to talk about it now.

The biggest thing  he was talking about was about food. He was explaining what food is actually made of. He can explain why kids can make bit changes in the world. Birke went out and found what food is made of.

Birke explained what was in food and why we should stop. He also made the audience laugh a lot. The audience clapped at some of his sentences because he did make some big changes.

Birkes ted talk was different to all of the other ted talks we have watched. The other ted talks either had and iPad or nothing, but birke used a microphone. You might think that everyone would use a mic but no. He also used a big screen to show pictures on. Birke used a lot of hand movements and almost a bit to many.

Birke was good at being serious and not just having a bit of a laugh. He sounded very passionate about his topic when he read it. Image result for birke baehr

Birke had a VERY strong south American accent as well

Richard Turere TED TALKS

Today we watched another ted talk from Richard Turere. The message of his talk was about scaring animals away from animals. He scared away lions. The lions ate the cattle.

He made the topic of his ted talk sound very emotional in his tone. He had a very DEEP accent in his voice.

He sounded very passionate about lions killing his own cattle and his only bull. The boy had a very good idea to make a moving light to scare away the lions. He made the light flash and it actually did flash in different directions. Richard got a scholarship because of his invention  and everyone wanted him to make the lights on his neighbour back yards.

Richard got his message through the audience because he used strong and confronting pictures. He used a little bit of humour to spread across the room. Richard also talked about his own life experience which was more touching to the audience.

Richard used lots of picture in his presentation. You could really get a good picture in your head from what the other real pictures had shown you.

I liked how he didn’t have a script, he just memorised it in his head. Richard didn’t look at the pictures which were behind them because he knew exactly what they were. As I mentioned before I said that the pictures were confronting which was very strong. It made my eyes squint.

Here is a picture of Richard!!Image result for richard turere