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My idea for the first passion project is what I originally set out to do. However working on my business every week I decided it was clearer to set it out as a script on a word document instead of a power point as there are so many different points to cover.

My aim was to have launch a website by the due date however we still have ‘our story’ and ‘company policy’ to add before we are online. I am so happy of the experiences I have had along the way of creating my business for my passion project, From meeting screen printers to design makers to global retail managers.

I have learnt a lot of helpful tips to help me along the way in my business. I’m really exited to get the website up, and keep making new designs for my age group.  I can’t wait to keep turning new corners and learning new things.

Over all I think my passion project has turned out to be a huge success.

Here a some pictures of MTN.





Birke Baehr

Birke Baehr is a kid who was 11 years old in 2010. He talks about how we should eat local and healthy. Birke used to want to be a NFL football player but now he would rather be a local food farmer. He told us that most meat we eat is made up of chemicals and all bad sorts of hormones and things like that. When he was telling us to eat local he told us would you rather pay a farmer for food or a hospital for being food poisoned.

One thing that stood out for me was that he told his little cousin don’t eat the sparkly cereal like frost flakes. And one day when Birke’s uncle asked his cousin what cereal oatmeal or frosty flakes he choose oatmeal becase of what Birke said. So we can change a heathy good diet one kid’s at a time.


WHAT I THINK BIRKE DID WELL: His voice was very confident so you knew what he was talking about and that he knew he had practiced lots before the TED talk. He added a bit of humour so when it got really serious he lightened up the mood a touch and gave the audience a little laugh. He was clear so the audience could get his message.

WHAT TECHNICAL SUPPRORT DID BIRKE USE: He used a lapel to make his voice louder so the audience good hear him better. He had a smart board so he could so pictures and images. And that’s about it actually so not to much support.

I think Birke’s message was we can change the world one by one that the message I got. There was one thing that I think he could improve on was his hands, They kept moving up and down a lot like I mean way too much that’s really the only Thing I could think of. So over all I think it was a pretty good speech.


Richard Turere Ted Talk

Richard Turere is a boy from Kenya. His dad had a Paddock of cows and at night lions use to come in and eat the cows so what they did is they killed the lions but Richard wasn’t to happy with this so he thought about how he could change this.

He came up with all different idea’s and tried them but non of them worked.  One night he was walking around with his flashlight and the lions didn’t come so he then knew the lions didn’t like moving light or flashing light so he made this invention were he would get energy from a solar panel and that would power to lights that flashed at night on the fence. And the lions never came.

His idea was talked about throughout his village people asked him to come over and build for them because the same thing was happening with them and he did help them and things were going really well for him. He got a scholarship to one of the best schools in Kenya so he was really happy about that.

What I think he did well while presenting.

He used a slideshow that showed images to the audience this helped the audience visualise what was happening at the time. He put In a little bit of comedy so after a really serious bit he would lighten up the mood. He had no script so the audience knew he had practiced and knew he knew what he was talking about. He used a mic so he was more clear and they could hear him a bit better. The last thing that I’m going to say is his eye contact was great and he got his message to the audience clearly.

I think his message was : You can always solve a problem without hurting anyone or anything. Like you can stop lions eating your cattle without hurting the lions or cattle.

Thomas Suarez Ted Talk Blog.

Thomas Suarez is a kid who is fascinated about app making. He has already made 2 apps one called Earth Fortune and one called Bustin Jieber. He was inspired by the famous Steve jobs who created apple. He came to TED and performed a speech about how went from very basic programing to very complex. He has had a lot of support from his parents, friends and even some apple store people. At school he has started and app club were kids from all ages can come and play around with some programming material. He goes on about how it doesn’t matter how old you are you can do what your most passionate about. He finished up by saying what he wants to do in the future he wants to help people create apps and improve on his skills. What I think he did really well is he added some comedy in his act so it lighted up the mood some times, his eye contact was very good and the only time he wasn’t looking at us was when he looked at his dot points on his iPad and I’m going to finish up with his voice was very good so you knew he was confident and knew what he was saying.



Today I just started sphero…

What sphero’s are there little balls but have heaps of mother boards and micro chips so you can control them from a device example iPhone iPad etc. first we started of by just driving it around with the iPad then we started programing. After we got the hang of them doing simple programs we started making them go around rectangles and mazes and different shapes there quite hard to control because you have to put them at a special speed and a certain amount of turn. here is some video’s and photo’s showing you what we did.

That’s the sphero going around the shape.

This is the sphero with a chariot on it. we built a chariot so we could carry stuff. it was hard to make the chariot because if it’s to heavy the sphero can’t carry it. also it has to have a little gap so the sphero can fit in it if it didn’t have wheels though it wouldn’t move very well our not move at all. I built it out of Kenx. The trickiest thing about the chariot was it was super hard to turn.

That’s what we did in sphero. The thing I learnt the most was that robot’s can be any shape or size.



Today we learnt what is inside a light bulb. First we watched a power point about how circuits work and how light bulbs light up. Then we drew a diagram about what we thought things were called in a light bulb. I learnt that light bulbs have layers of glass you cant see so it doesn’t explode and there is much more things that are in a light bulb that you can see.  Here is a photo, all the things that are in black are what I thought are what its called then the thing’s that are written in purple are the things that I mist out one.

light bulb-13jpbr7




makey makey week 2

Today I stared makey makey. Makey makey is a type of mother board but for beginners. You can make all sorts of stuff like vegetable piano’s and guitars. I learnt what different thing’s can conduct electricity. I was very surprised what could and what couldn’t. Like did you now grey led can conduct electricity also vegetables can even you can. We explored different parts of the makey makey and what they can do. here is some pictures of what we made.

This a photo of me testing the makey makey see were my right hand is touching the paper that me pressing on circles coloured in with grey led and when I press the grey led it controls my computer but I always have to holding on to the earth wire some the electricity can run through my and give it to the grey led. so that’s what I was doing with makey makey.


Tinkering week 4

Today we pulled apart a Ipod and a camera. It was quiet interesting what was in them I did not expect to find what I found. I found tape poisonous acids and heaps of other stuff. that you will see in these pictures that you will see later. I learnt you can’t smash something open you have to open it carefully so all the mother boards and other fragile things don’t brake. It is not as easy as you think it takes quiet a while to take apart everything. Here are some video’s and pictures of the tinkering.

these are some of the bits in the ipod.

that is the video we made hope you enjoyed.

so that is what we where doing in tinkering this week.



This week we have been making a hat with L.E.D lights on it so it lights up and we have mother boards all around it for decorations. We have used the hot glue gun to stick everything on the hat so far it is looking good next week we will get the L.E.D lights to make it light up. We also have a camera that hangs of the hat just as a little decoration also with have this thing dangling down with a magnifier glass on it so you can see longer distance and better. Here is some photo’s of the hat.

This is the hat being worn on someone.

This is me looking through the glass.

the next video will be just focusing on the hat.

This is what we were doing this week.


This week we did…

We completed the hat last week so this week we were focusing on how led work and how we can put them on our hat. We started of by watching so YouTube video’s that explained how it works and how we can make them led’s light up. After we found some good information about how they work we tried to make the led light up. Some things we didn’t have so used different things to try and make it work. It took a while before we actually got it working and when we did we were very exited that we had done it. This is a video about what we all learnt and how to put it together to make it light up.

Hopefully this explained to you how the circuit worked. And told you how we joined the pieces together to make the led glow up. That’s what we focused on learning and making it work this week.

NEXT WEEK: we will attach more led lights on and stick it on to our hat.









This is my spinner prediction. That it’s going to land on white 4 times in ten spins because the majority of it is coloured in. Also because 8 doesn’t go into 10 an equal amount of times so 8 can only go in to ten once and will have a left over of 2 so that’s why I didn’t do 3 because you have to do two more spins after you have done 8 spins.



This is the spinner I created.

 RED: 3/10  12
 YELLOW: 1/5  8
 PURPLE: 1/10  4
 PINK: 1/5  8
 GREEN: 1/10  4
 ORANGE: 1/10  4
 RED: 8  RED: 11  RED: 8
 PINK: 6  PINK: 8  PINK: 8

My prediction was not close at all. Yellow got more then I expected. Also the smaller bits got more the I expected too.


 RED: 120
 PINK: 80
 GREEN: 40