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This term I have been really stuck on what to do for my passion project but I have finally made up my mind.

Being the only boy in the family times can get a little bit annoying with three sisters. I have came up with the idea of pulling a few practical jokes on them so they can get a taste of their own medicine. I know that sounds nasty and cruel but these jokes don’t harm my sisters and I know they will have a laugh as well. You are probably thinking it’s a strange passion however overall this project is about  fun and making people smile … it’s a positive passion.

To make these jokes work I will write down some ideas on paper and research practical jokes on the internet.  I will need to buy props and ingredients and test the jokes out. After I feel confident that the jokes will work I will set the pranks up one at a time on my sisters.

I will film the practical jokes and I will edit them together to make one  video to show the class.

After I have presented it to the class I will show my sisters and hope they don’t get angry at me.



Here is an update on my passion project.

I’m continuing with my passion project on travel which I’m hoping to display in a book. I have been working on a time table of the places I have visited and what each place means to me.

I’m enjoying looking back at old photo’s and how they remind me of why I love travel. I’ve decided that the book will need not only photo’s but also highlights of why I like the place:  Memories of favourite food, attractions and cultures.

I want the book to be about my personal experiences of the places I’ve been and not something anyone else could write. I am still working on the lay out. I think it would be better to display each place separately instead by dates. I would also like a section of the book that explains a section of how I became passionate about travel.


For my passion project I have decided to make a travel book. It will have photos from my first holiday in 2006, the year I was born, to now in 2018. I selected travel for my passion project because I love learning different cultures, languages and trying new foods. I also enjoy meeting new people  and interacting with them to learn about their different tradition’s.

I will have descriptions in the  book to explain the country and city, what I did and what I learnt at the place I was in. I will use a photos app on my home computer. It has heaps of photos of all the places  I have been. I will transfer these photos onto an app that I can make my travel book.



Here is an update on how I’m going with my passion project.

Sam and I have made a sample of the T-shirt, and we are extremely happy of the outcome, also they gave us the sample’s for FREE (: . We have also got the intro and some of the main part of our Power Point and we will continue to add on to that.

The next step that we are aiming to achieve is getting an order sheet full so we can order T-shirt’s for people and start selling our product. We will also try and complete the power point an add photo’s into it.

I am pretty happy on the way we are going so hopefully we can keep up the good work.

Here is a photo of the sample.






So for my passion project I think I’m going to do it about fashion and about a business that I made with my cousin about clothing and t-shirts.

What I will try to present to the class/grade is a T-shirt from our business MTN (stands for More Than Nothing) that we will sell in the future. And the process I went through to create the T-shirt.

We will have to use designs that are original and that are made by use. We will go to the screen printer and talk to them how much the product will cost and we will try and get a sample of what it looks like. I will try and find ways to earn money to pay for the T-shirts and what I did to earn it. Hopefully with the T-shirt I will present with a PowerPoint talk.

I am really looking forward to making the T-shirt and what it will look like and what it will turn out to be.

P.S I think because I have always wanted to donate to charity but I have never had the money to. Every T-shirt we sell I will donate to a charity or a school that my grandma reads at that doesn’t have much stuff at all and the kids don’t have that much.