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Little Princess – Charlotte

When Charlotte was online she was texting a person see did not know and she thought she could trust this boy. But when charlotte texted the boy her personal information he kept spamming her with messages and was going to far. Later her parents found out and they quickly discovered that the boy was actually an adult man. So Charlotte could have been in big trouble with this guy if her parents didn’t find out.

Charlotte was negatively affected because she didn’t feel safe anymore and kept having to deal with this guy that she didn’t what to have anything to do with anymore. This affected charlottes parents because she was always on a electronic device and was not social face to face with her parents anymore.

The problem got resolved by her parents luckily finding out that Charlotte was talking to a man and was planning to meet up with him. But the parents told Charlotte who this guy actually was. Then they had nothing to do with them.

Charlotte shouldn’t of told the man her personal details. And blocked the guy so she didn’t have anything to do with him.

The biggest message for me was don’t share personal details with people you don’t now well and haven’t meet in person.

Digital Etiquette.

In digital citizenship second lesson we learnt some online vocabulary so we can understand about the words to describe things and people and what they are doing.

Netiquette, I think Netiquette means to act well and acceptable online, and act how you would face to face with someone.  This is very important to understand so you don’t get into any trouble online.

Here is a video of what I think of some of the other vocabulary we learnt in this lesson.


Permission, You need to get someone’s permission if its an image of them because they might not want you to put that image of them on social media or on the internet.

Because once you message or photo is out  you can’t take it back it will stay there forever and if you uploaded something silly in the future your work friends and bosses might think your really silly or inappropriate because of who you were when you were a kid. So if you don’t want your future boss to see you as some silly person I would be wise about what you put on the internet.