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This term I have been really stuck on what to do for my passion project but I have finally made up my mind.

Being the only boy in the family times can get a little bit annoying with three sisters. I have came up with the idea of pulling a few practical jokes on them so they can get a taste of their own medicine. I know that sounds nasty and cruel but these jokes don’t harm my sisters and I know they will have a laugh as well. You are probably thinking it’s a strange passion however overall this project is about  fun and making people smile … it’s a positive passion.

To make these jokes work I will write down some ideas on paper and research practical jokes on the internet.  I will need to buy props and ingredients and test the jokes out. After I feel confident that the jokes will work I will set the pranks up one at a time on my sisters.

I will film the practical jokes and I will edit them together to make one  video to show the class.

After I have presented it to the class I will show my sisters and hope they don’t get angry at me.



In the past RVE lesson’s we have been working on a country and finding out there cultures, religions and what they like to do. I have chosen Cuba because I have always wanted to visit.

There are always differences between countries here is a couple of differences I have found between Australia and Cuba.

  • We speak English but Cubans speak Spanish.
  • One of the big sports in Cuba is baseball and most Cubans love to play. But in Australia we like to play Footy.
  • Cubans like to eat black beans and rice but we like to eat meat pie and sauce.

But even though we are so far away there are still similarities between us two countries.

  • We both have the majority of Australians and Cubans Roman Catholic.
  • They always keep eye contact while taking, we do that to.
  • Cuba is a very cheerful everyday and Australians always are happy and cheerful.

If I had to live in Cuba I think it would take me along time to fit in since I have never tried there food. And they speak a different language to me. But I think because Cubans are so cheerful I would be well treated if I was struggling in this wonderful country.

I really want to visit Cuba one day it sounds like a fantastic place.




Here is an update on my passion project.

I’m continuing with my passion project on travel which I’m hoping to display in a book. I have been working on a time table of the places I have visited and what each place means to me.

I’m enjoying looking back at old photo’s and how they remind me of why I love travel. I’ve decided that the book will need not only photo’s but also highlights of why I like the place:  Memories of favourite food, attractions and cultures.

I want the book to be about my personal experiences of the places I’ve been and not something anyone else could write. I am still working on the lay out. I think it would be better to display each place separately instead by dates. I would also like a section of the book that explains a section of how I became passionate about travel.

Little Princess – Charlotte

When Charlotte was online she was texting a person see did not know and she thought she could trust this boy. But when charlotte texted the boy her personal information he kept spamming her with messages and was going to far. Later her parents found out and they quickly discovered that the boy was actually an adult man. So Charlotte could have been in big trouble with this guy if her parents didn’t find out.

Charlotte was negatively affected because she didn’t feel safe anymore and kept having to deal with this guy that she didn’t what to have anything to do with anymore. This affected charlottes parents because she was always on a electronic device and was not social face to face with her parents anymore.

The problem got resolved by her parents luckily finding out that Charlotte was talking to a man and was planning to meet up with him. But the parents told Charlotte who this guy actually was. Then they had nothing to do with them.

Charlotte shouldn’t of told the man her personal details. And blocked the guy so she didn’t have anything to do with him.

The biggest message for me was don’t share personal details with people you don’t now well and haven’t meet in person.


For my passion project I have decided to make a travel book. It will have photos from my first holiday in 2006, the year I was born, to now in 2018. I selected travel for my passion project because I love learning different cultures, languages and trying new foods. I also enjoy meeting new people  and interacting with them to learn about their different tradition’s.

I will have descriptions in the  book to explain the country and city, what I did and what I learnt at the place I was in. I will use a photos app on my home computer. It has heaps of photos of all the places  I have been. I will transfer these photos onto an app that I can make my travel book.



My idea for the first passion project is what I originally set out to do. However working on my business every week I decided it was clearer to set it out as a script on a word document instead of a power point as there are so many different points to cover.

My aim was to have launch a website by the due date however we still have ‘our story’ and ‘company policy’ to add before we are online. I am so happy of the experiences I have had along the way of creating my business for my passion project, From meeting screen printers to design makers to global retail managers.

I have learnt a lot of helpful tips to help me along the way in my business. I’m really exited to get the website up, and keep making new designs for my age group.  I can’t wait to keep turning new corners and learning new things.

Over all I think my passion project has turned out to be a huge success.

Here a some pictures of MTN.





Digital Etiquette.

In digital citizenship second lesson we learnt some online vocabulary so we can understand about the words to describe things and people and what they are doing.

Netiquette, I think Netiquette means to act well and acceptable online, and act how you would face to face with someone.  This is very important to understand so you don’t get into any trouble online.

Here is a video of what I think of some of the other vocabulary we learnt in this lesson.


Permission, You need to get someone’s permission if its an image of them because they might not want you to put that image of them on social media or on the internet.

Because once you message or photo is out  you can’t take it back it will stay there forever and if you uploaded something silly in the future your work friends and bosses might think your really silly or inappropriate because of who you were when you were a kid. So if you don’t want your future boss to see you as some silly person I would be wise about what you put on the internet.




Win at the fair

At the very start of win at the fair we were given this game board that we played around with. The game the class was given was proven by us that it wasn’t going to make any profit because of the pricing and were the number you rolled went.

Here is a results of the first game board.

As proven on this picture game board one wasn’t a success.

After we explored the non profitable game board we went on to make a creative game board that was going to be enticing and hopefully make us  some profit.

I think my creative game board definitely fitted in with this criteria. People could say my game board is rigged but I don’t think it is. I did the thinking and 2 and 12 have only 1 chance each to being rolled so that was the only way to get to the sides but all the other numbers went straight up.

Here is photo of my creative game board with some explanation1 pic creative-2ktiue8.

there is a little bit cut of it says: all the other ones have more chances.

After we did our creative game board we were told we had to make an official one that has no money apart from the out side ones and the price fee is $1 this made me think a little bit harder.

At first I put a huge $500 in it but at least 1 person was landing on it a game so that wasn’t getting any profit and we had to make $300 worth of it.

This is what the first one looked like.2 pic offical and changes-vgr8dh.

The second page is what I changed in my game board so I would start making some profit with this game board I tested it in maths 300 and out of 1000 goes not 10.

This new game board started to make me good profit and at least $300  each 1000 games.

Here is a photo of the working game board, and some snipits of how it went.

The test’s

I changed the high prices to lower prices. and made the lower prices a bit higher. this way its more enticing it won’t always profit you $300 but it will get really close to it.

I think this is a really good game board. And I really liked this task and hope to do more fun math things like this.