In the past RVE lesson’s we have been working on a country and finding out there cultures, religions and what they like to do. I have chosen Cuba because I have always wanted to visit.

There are always differences between countries here is a couple of differences I have found between Australia and Cuba.

  • We speak English but Cubans speak Spanish.
  • One of the big sports in Cuba is baseball and most Cubans love to play. But in Australia we like to play Footy.
  • Cubans like to eat black beans and rice but we like to eat meat pie and sauce.

But even though we are so far away there are still similarities between us two countries.

  • We both have the majority of Australians and Cubans Roman Catholic.
  • They always keep eye contact while taking, we do that to.
  • Cuba is a very cheerful everyday and Australians always are happy and cheerful.

If I had to live in Cuba I think it would take me along time to fit in since I have never tried there food. And they speak a different language to me. But I think because Cubans are so cheerful I would be well treated if I was struggling in this wonderful country.

I really want to visit Cuba one day it sounds like a fantastic place.



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