My idea for the first passion project is what I originally set out to do. However working on my business every week I decided it was clearer to set it out as a script on a word document instead of a power point as there are so many different points to cover.

My aim was to have launch a website by the due date however we still have ‘our story’ and ‘company policy’ to add before we are online. I am so happy of the experiences I have had along the way of creating my business for my passion project, From meeting screen printers to design makers to global retail managers.

I have learnt a lot of helpful tips to help me along the way in my business. I’m really exited to get the website up, and keep making new designs for my age group.  I can’t wait to keep turning new corners and learning new things.

Over all I think my passion project has turned out to be a huge success.

Here a some pictures of MTN.





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