Win at the fair

At the very start of win at the fair we were given this game board that we played around with. The game the class was given was proven by us that it wasn’t going to make any profit because of the pricing and were the number you rolled went.

Here is a results of the first game board.

As proven on this picture game board one wasn’t a success.

After we explored the non profitable game board we went on to make a creative game board that was going to be enticing and hopefully make us  some profit.

I think my creative game board definitely fitted in with this criteria. People could say my game board is rigged but I don’t think it is. I did the thinking and 2 and 12 have only 1 chance each to being rolled so that was the only way to get to the sides but all the other numbers went straight up.

Here is photo of my creative game board with some explanation1 pic creative-2ktiue8.

there is a little bit cut of it says: all the other ones have more chances.

After we did our creative game board we were told we had to make an official one that has no money apart from the out side ones and the price fee is $1 this made me think a little bit harder.

At first I put a huge $500 in it but at least 1 person was landing on it a game so that wasn’t getting any profit and we had to make $300 worth of it.

This is what the first one looked like.2 pic offical and changes-vgr8dh.

The second page is what I changed in my game board so I would start making some profit with this game board I tested it in maths 300 and out of 1000 goes not 10.

This new game board started to make me good profit and at least $300  each 1000 games.

Here is a photo of the working game board, and some snipits of how it went.

The test’s

I changed the high prices to lower prices. and made the lower prices a bit higher. this way its more enticing it won’t always profit you $300 but it will get really close to it.

I think this is a really good game board. And I really liked this task and hope to do more fun math things like this.



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