Term 2 Reflection

This term has been full of learning and highlights. I have enjoyed most of this term and I want to keep up my good work next term.

My highlights from this term was probably doing the science unit at the start of the term because I think I learnt a lot about how electronics work. I also liked the passion project and TED talks because it was a really good way to show and express our passions. Another highlight of mine was making some new friends. I got to know some of the people in my class that wasn’t good friends with before.

This term I have also accomplished some goals  that I set at the start of this term. I knew that we were doing the TED unit this term and I said to myself that I would have that completed by the end of this term. I am really happy that I have finished my TED talk. Another goal that I had this term was to do better on my report. I have worked really hard on improving my grades and I think that they will have improved.

I am really pleased about the effort that I have put into this term and the outcome of our assignments. I am also pleased at how my TED talk turned out at the end and that I got to share it with some more people from different grades and classes. These were just some of the things that I was happy with this term.


Some goals for me next term would be improving my report and areas that didn’t go as well. Another goal for me will be getting all my khan academy finished on time because I need to do a bit more on that. Also, I will be trying to get my home work done on time. If I can achieve these goals I will be really happy.


Feedback Passion Projects

Today we were sharing our projects with our classmates.

I saw some really awesome passion projects and it was great to see everyone’s passions. I saw so many different ones like mountain bike riding (Jack), gymnastics (Asha), Sewing (Hannah), surfing ( Francis and Hugh), travelling ( Leo and Zara) and I also saw a lot of sport ones. I thought that all of these were amazing but some of my favourites were Leo’s Japan trip and Jacks mountain bike riding. I liked Leo’s because he went into so much detail by explaining everything you should do in Japan. I liked Jacks because it was just packed with action. Overall, I think that the passion projects were a great idea because we could express our passions any way we liked.


Completed Passion Project

I have finally completed my passion project.

I have really enjoyed creating my footy film because it has been the perfect way to express my passion. I have enjoyed reliving the process of making a film and it has been rewarding to see my hard work put into that film and what I have managed to create and achieve. I would really like to show it to some people to see what they think and maybe get some feedback.


Maze Runner; The Death Cure

The death cure is a great follow up of the first two books in the series ( recommend reading before this). After the events in the Scorch The organisation still don’t have a cure for the flare so Thomas and his friends need to be put through more variables. Thomas, Minho, Newt, Brenda and Jorge escape WICKED and go to Denver a city that is supposedly free of the Flare. In Denver they meet join with an organisation that is trying to take down WICKED because it is wasting lives and resources trying to find their cure.

I liked all the characters in this book because they were sometimes funny, caring, harsh or sad. I also liked the plot because, like the other books in the series, it had lots of twist. It had a twist nearly every chapter. I would recommend this book to people that really like action adventure boos because there was a lot of action and also a great adventure throughout this whole book. This book has got a 9/10 from me because it was really well written.

The Maze Runner; The Scorch Trials

After surviving the first Trial set by the creators: the Maze (read my post about this book), Thomas, Newt, Minho and the other children in the trials must survive in a ravaged world overcome with the deadly disease known as the Flare. They have been told they have to do this to help find a cure for the Flare. This book can make you feel lots of emotion and has an exciting plot.

This book is an action/adventure books with heaps of twists and turns that can change the whole story.

In this book I really liked a few of the characters. they were; Minho, who is a friend of Thomas ( the main character ). Also, I liked Brenda who was a friend that he made in the Scorch. I would recommend this book to people who like adventure books and if you read THE HUNGER GAMES you would like this book. For me, the plot was really good because it had so many turns and twists at the end of each chapter.I would give this book a 9/10 because I really like how it was written.

A Knight’s Tour

Lately In project maths we have been exploring the knights tour. The knights tour is a game where you use the knights on a chess board. The aim is to get the knight to touch every square (64 squares) without touching the same square twice.

Lesson 1

In lesson 1 we were told how to play the game and then we went and started exploring. We started by just trying to solve it by moving randomly around the board. We didn’t come up with a solution. I thought that this problem would really challenge me after the first lesson.

Image result for a knight's tour

Lesson 2

In this lesson I was still playing with the manual board. I started to try and cover a little bit of the board at a time. The first time I did this I was trying to cover quarters of the board. This got me a lot further than doing random moves but I still hadn’t solve the board.

lesson 3

This lesson we got on the virtual game and played the game. The results I got were; 51, 60, 64, 58, 63, 50, 33. This lesson I was still trying to cover quarters at a time. As you can see, I solved the board once out of seven times. At the end of this lesson I was averaging 54.1

This is the graph I created in excel


lesson 4

This lesson I started exploring more strategies. I found a strategy that worked every time. This strategy was worst first. Worst first means that you go to a spot with less options after you go on it. I was averaging 64. I did this 5 times and it worked every time.

This is my solved game board.

Reading Rant: The Maze Runner

This week I finished the maze runner. This was a really good book and I am also really happy that there is a series. For me, this was a really good, quick read.

This book is about a boy who gets placed in a maze with 50 other boys. They have to find a way out and try and get back to their  families. Their memories have been wiped and have been placed in a hopeless situation. Thomas, the main character, wants to be a runner who are the people that explore the maze and try to find a way out.Can they make their way out? and how good is the world that they are going back to? Things are changing dramatically in the maze and who is the girl that turns up? this was a really good, well thought through plot.

This book was an action book but it had lots of mystery throughout the whole book. I think that this book had a really good plot and was making read more. For me, this book was all about the plot because it was full of surprises and twists. I would recommend this book to people that like action and books that have problems that need solving. I would give this book a 9/10because it can’t be perfect.

Editing my Passion Project

I have recently finished editing my footy film. I have enjoyed this part of the film making procedure because I had a lot of footage to work with and in the end it turned out really well. For the editing I did a lot of things.

One of the main changes I did to the footage was making the colour in the background different. I thought that this was a really cool effect and that it made it more interesting to watch. I used this feature throughout most of my film.

I have also enjoyed making the marks and kicks look cool in slow motion. I think that this had a good effect because you could see all the skills better.

For me the editing part of the process has been the hardest because it took along time to get it right and how I wanted it. I am happy because the hard work has payed off and I can really see my film coming together and nearly being finished.

I think that my film had lots of cool things in them, like the top ten marks and goals of all time. I am really happy how it has turned out.

Image result for editing


This lesson in digital citizenship we were talking about online etiquette. We watched a video and we were asked these questions.


Netiquette means having etiquette online. Etiquette is having good manners and being polite all the time. etiquette may also be called a code.

Flame wars are long, aggressive conversations. They may include angry or offensive communications between two people online.

Trolls are the people who create flame wars. They go online and try to start flame wars.

Anonymous means that you have no known identity.

To communicate clearly you have to:

  1. Not use silly abbreviations
  2. Make sure your message is clear
  3. Don’t type in capitals because some people may find it aggressive.

When you post something with someone in it you always need to ask permission because it may be offensive.


When Tim says your message is out, it’s out he means that you can’t take it back or take it down from the online world. You have to think before you post that everyone in the whole world can see it. You have to ask this to yourself: Would I care if my parents, principal, grandparents, future employer or friends see it.


Image result for online etiquette tim and moby