OTTT film pitch

For my film I am doing the splitpoint lighthouse. I am really interested In this because it is near where I lived and I want to know more about shipwrecks on that coast and also about the history of the lighthouse. Here is a short history on split point lighthouse

The lighthouse was built in 1891 because there had been ten shipwrecks along the coast so the lighthouse was needed to help guide ships along the shoreline. It operated automatically in 1919. The  920mm focal radius lens was constructed in 1886.  The cast iron stairs and balustrades have stayed in the lighthouse up until today. Now the lighthouse is a great tourist attraction and tours are run so you can go up and see the light.

I am going to choose the one of the 10 shipwrecks, the Loch Ard, as my story because I already know a little about this and I think that it is a really amazing story. Loch Ard was a  ship which sunk at Mutton bird Island just off the Shipwreck Coast in 1878. Also I think that everyone will be interested in this. Also I will talk about the construction of the lighthouse.

Guess beat the teacher

This week in project maths we did something where we had to add all the up to numbers from 1-100. This dude called Gauss was in class and he had finished his work. the teacher gave him the same question as us, thinking that it would take him a long time. It took no at aa. We had to think about how he added them up so quickly and what strategies he used. I though that he made pairs that equalled 100 for example 1+99=100. There are 49 pairs that equal 100 and the number 50 and 100 left over. so the end equation was 49*100+100+50=5050. This didn’t take me long at all but Gauss was definitely a lot faster than me.

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Microorganisms and Microscopes

Microscopes and the founding of microorganisms (germs) have changed our lives in plenty of different ways. If Anton van Leeuwenhoek didn’t discover microorganisms then we would be so far behind with so much medicine and health. We would not have the amazing medical procedures and cures for many different diseases. Microorganisms can be the key in lots of different formulas  and we wouldn’t have some key recipes. It would also change us because food is affected by microorganisms and we wouldn’t know how to store food. Microscopes have changed us because without them we wouldn’t be able to examine small things. We can see a whole new world because they have been invented. Microorganisms have also changed us because of hygiene. If we didn’t know about them then we would be very unhygienic because we wouldn’t be aware of the dangers. Overall, I think that we would be so far behind with medical, hygienic and scientific issues if we didn’t know about microorganisms and we didn’t have microscopes to see things that we need to see.
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my second passion project

For my passion project I have decided to do one on go-carting. I have chosen this because it is something that I really enjoy. I am really looking forward to showing everyone about my go-carting and completing my second passion project. I can’t wait to get some footage and go through the editing stage again. I have a feeling that this will be one of my favourite film yet and I can’t wait to get started on it.


A Close Game

In project maths the other day we started  problem called ‘a close game’. It was about a rugby game and we had to work out the score. We were given a tally with the value of a trie, a conversion and a penalty and how much each team scores. After we had added that up we changed the value of a trie and see how affected the result. We did three different ways. In one game. New Zealand won, the second time it was a draw and the third Australia won.


Using Mental maths

Today in maths groups were using lots of different strategies to fill in the missing number. Some of my personal strategies were using addition and multiplication. This was one of the questions.

440 + – = 620

Most of the questions were like this one. I worked these questions out by adding on one hundred and tens until I found the answer. Sometimes the answer was obvious.

Term 2 Reflection

This term has been full of learning and highlights. I have enjoyed most of this term and I want to keep up my good work next term.

My highlights from this term was probably doing the science unit at the start of the term because I think I learnt a lot about how electronics work. I also liked the passion project and TED talks because it was a really good way to show and express our passions. Another highlight of mine was making some new friends. I got to know some of the people in my class that wasn’t good friends with before.

This term I have also accomplished some goals  that I set at the start of this term. I knew that we were doing the TED unit this term and I said to myself that I would have that completed by the end of this term. I am really happy that I have finished my TED talk. Another goal that I had this term was to do better on my report. I have worked really hard on improving my grades and I think that they will have improved.

I am really pleased about the effort that I have put into this term and the outcome of our assignments. I am also pleased at how my TED talk turned out at the end and that I got to share it with some more people from different grades and classes. These were just some of the things that I was happy with this term.


Some goals for me next term would be improving my report and areas that didn’t go as well. Another goal for me will be getting all my khan academy finished on time because I need to do a bit more on that. Also, I will be trying to get my home work done on time. If I can achieve these goals I will be really happy.


Feedback Passion Projects

Today we were sharing our projects with our classmates.

I saw some really awesome passion projects and it was great to see everyone’s passions. I saw so many different ones like mountain bike riding (Jack), gymnastics (Asha), Sewing (Hannah), surfing ( Francis and Hugh), travelling ( Leo and Zara) and I also saw a lot of sport ones. I thought that all of these were amazing but some of my favourites were Leo’s Japan trip and Jacks mountain bike riding. I liked Leo’s because he went into so much detail by explaining everything you should do in Japan. I liked Jacks because it was just packed with action. Overall, I think that the passion projects were a great idea because we could express our passions any way we liked.


Completed Passion Project

I have finally completed my passion project.

I have really enjoyed creating my footy film because it has been the perfect way to express my passion. I have enjoyed reliving the process of making a film and it has been rewarding to see my hard work put into that film and what I have managed to create and achieve. I would really like to show it to some people to see what they think and maybe get some feedback.


Maze Runner; The Death Cure

The death cure is a great follow up of the first two books in the series ( recommend reading before this). After the events in the Scorch The organisation still don’t have a cure for the flare so Thomas and his friends need to be put through more variables. Thomas, Minho, Newt, Brenda and Jorge escape WICKED and go to Denver a city that is supposedly free of the Flare. In Denver they meet join with an organisation that is trying to take down WICKED because it is wasting lives and resources trying to find their cure.

I liked all the characters in this book because they were sometimes funny, caring, harsh or sad. I also liked the plot because, like the other books in the series, it had lots of twist. It had a twist nearly every chapter. I would recommend this book to people that really like action adventure boos because there was a lot of action and also a great adventure throughout this whole book. This book has got a 9/10 from me because it was really well written.

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