my topic is the Geelong cats football club and the history of different stadiums such as church hill ,argyle, corio oval and Kadina

and the famous history on the players such as Garry ablett jr and senior and carji greeves and Charles Brownlow

and maybe interview some famous people like Tom Hawkins mick turner Susie Robinson and ask them some questions about famous history

this a good film to teach people in our year and maybe others about the Geelong cats history about the  different stadiums famous people who have been in the Geelong football club

the film will be like a news report/documentary and maybe using green screen

i really want to do this topic and hope this a good explanation for me to get this topic


PP editing

editing so far has been not to good I’m starting tomoorow cause i need some finishing photos of it . I’m so happy with how my project has been coming together. I’ve learnt how fun it is to create something by yourself, everyone has helped, my dad had help me through out all of yhe building ash my family friend helped built it to and we used it to and my mum helped me with my script.

#pp editing post.


as you all know for my passion project i am building a billy cart its been really changling we sre really close to be finish we have only 3 hours on it and i think 1 more hour until we are done at the start we had a plan it was pretty chaling of how we were gonna do it our first steps was going to the tip to get some bikes that were the exact same it was pretty hard to get the same ones tho but we were really lucky to 2 of the same bikes well really close then my dad called up a freind who has very big power tools like a welding machine a grinder a cutter ect he said of course so day droprd them of on Monday and after school we went other there to start on the way we had to change a bit of the plan this is been a really good project cant wait until its done


Win at the fair

in the past few project maths sessions we have been working on a task called win at the fair the aim is in 1000 goes you make a profit of around 300 dollars so how you play is you have 2 dice and a chart and you roll it and say if you rolled two twos and ur rules say it goes up then u go up but if u rolled two sixes a 12 then you go right until you get to a thing were you stop you can ever win or lose money exesept you cant make it look stingy or people will not want to play  so we made 2 more of the arrows go up so its a more chance that we get more money then we got a lot of profit so we put the jak pot up to 6 dollars and we looked at al of the stats to make it work and it took a long time to get the right we enned up getting a really good profit we brang in 1000 dollars and gave around 600 dollars out so we got a 400 dollar profit and mr Henderson said giving out 700 is good and get a 300 dollar profit so i think we did well this was a really good subject here is a photo of my working one that is not stingy

here in my photo

myself as a reader

i like someone reading a book to me because i get more into the book. I like reading in my bed under my covers. I don’t like reading so i just read when i have to. My favourite kind of books is sport   and comedy. And one of my favourite series would be Tree House ones.

Birke Bhear

today we did another lesson of ted talk in inquiry this lesson we listened to a kid who was  11 years old  and his name was birke bhear he had a great message and was very engaging his message what he wanted to put out there was when you go to the super market think smarter buy organic stuff or get it of your nabhours or friends or other farmers he was saying some people think it cost more money to buy organic but would you rather pay for organic food or end up in hospital i think i would rather buy organic then pay all of those hospital bills i loved that message and like i said before it was really engaging he spoke very clearly and had a very deep accent and he did great remember  all of his script another great thing was he got the audience laughing like when he said i used to want to be a nfl player but now i want to be a organic farmer the audience had a lot of respect for him because it is hard not wanting to be a nfl player well done! but think he used way to much hand  signals it was to much and sometimes took your eyes of him he had a good slide show but it could be better maybe a bit more pictures to the slide show to make it even more engaging

this was a really good ted talk and it helped me for when i do my ted talk thanks for reading my blog you are now heat


dc cartoon post

in triple R today we were analysing some cartoons and getting there meanings and they were really power full and some were a little funny  and some a bit sad. in this photo you can see that this person is addicted to technology so much that he cant get of it. and  now his eye balls are poping out because his eyes are glued to the screen


Richard turere ted talk

in inqury we were starting a project called ted talk

this time we watched Richard Turere  his message was trying not to get lions to kill his animals

so his first idea was fire so he tried it but it did not work because it was just light it up for him but he did not want to give up  so his next idea was a scarecrow so he made it the first nighit it worked great the lion got scared but the next night the lion realized it didn’t move and it got in and ate a animal

he still didn’t want to give up one night he went out to have a look with a flash light and there was no lions so he realized that lions were scared of light so he connected a battery to the solar panel and got some torches from his motor bike and stuff so he connected stuff up to make the lions scared so he shared is invention around Kenya and once he got every one it went world wide the invention was great he got a scholarship to the best school in Kenya and got to go in a plane to California to do a ted talk about what i just wrote and now he is trying to make a eltric fence his way he noes there already is but he wants to make it with his materiels and he already tried but he got a schock

this session of inqury was really good i loved his idea was great  and his slid show was great and very insprying he had good eye contact i hope my ted talk will be as good as this

TED talks Thomas Suarez

a TED talk is were someone is trying to get a message out there

He used some support from teachers at his school when he started ‘App Club’ which encouraged kids to make apps.

He used a slide show of some of his apps on the screen at the back

and had some good jokes and great eye contact

Digital Etiquette

    • Netiquette is online Etiquette or online manners
      • Flaming / Flame Wars is where two or more people get online and start a argument
      • trolls are people who want to start a flame war
      •  Anonymous is somone you do not know
          • Communicating clearly  when you are communicating make sure that you don’t do caps or anything other wise it will look like IM SHOUTING AT YA
          • Permission check with othes before posting a pic on social media of them
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