[(L ÷ LCF) + (W ÷ LCF)] =answer

+ – 2]

this task was awesome it was probably the best task this yr in project math what we had to do was know how many bounces into a hole we had a function  on math 300 and we collected heaps of data

i worked with josh McCann to collect data and we looked back through it then found formulas it took  us a while until we succeed we also so worked on what hole it was going to go in by using odd and even

Passion project update blog post

Passion project update blog post

I have been going all right with my passion project I got my new bike! It is an s-works! I did some filming last night and I will do some more tonight and Thursday and a lot on the weekend when I finish filming ill start editing I’ll probably start next Tuesday my friend has begin filming me a fair bit and my mum and dad

passion project

my term 4 passion project is about mountain bike riding i am hoping to get a realy good new bike for my birthday and i cant wait ill be filming at the you yang’s and some other places like friends houses my brother will be filming or my dad i hope this will be my best passion project yet and I’m very excited to do it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

conservation film

Baby Philippines Crocodiles



The baby Philippine Crocodile are awesome. They do not hurt humans unless disturbed. I think they are cool because they are the closest living relative to the Dinosaurs. And one of the oldest living fossils. They are critically endangered when they should not be, the Philippines Crocodile is classed as the species that is under the greatest threat from habitat destruction and practices such as dynamite fishing. The number of individuals surviving in the wild may be only in the hundreds. They are a protected species in the Philippines.


The zookeepers put the eggs in some containers then place them in a heat room. They put the boys up to 33 degrees and the girls up to 30 degrees, and takes up to 85 days to hatch. Females build nests of leaves, twigs and soil during the dry season. The males and female take turns to watch over the nest. About 15–25 eggs are laid.


They live in marshes, ponds, creeks and rivers. Their diet includes fish, snails, shrimps and small mammals, snakes and birds. They are smaller than other crocodile species and grow up to 3 meters.


We need to help the crocs otherwise we no longer get to see these amazing creatures  again

this project is zoo film documentary were we talk about a animal what is endangered

i want to film the croc swimming around and what habitat they live in




building view reflection

the task was to find out how many blocks were in each area

the first task was onth page there were blocks in the area and you put the blocks were it says and then draw it. I realized that you can just find out the bigest number in the column then draw that

the second task was the opposite the drawered some and then you find out how many  blocks were in each column

i liked the first task better because it was easier


looking at the views crouching down spinning the grid around looking at the views more then once and coming back to them finding out the min and max not knowing what is in the middle

I found challenging:

trying to find out the min and max and when you do not know what is in the middle if you have big numbers around the edge



America compare to Australia

for my inveterate i did America there a lot of difference’s but a lot the same


there main deserts are apple pie and choc chip cookies we have apple pie and choc chip cookies. But we wouldn’t have cookies for desert well maybe but we do have apple pie but not as a main desert. Some differences are the sports like they have  NFL and we have AFL. they also have basketball as one of there main sports but we have basketball to but not as common the AFL. I think Australia has base ball to but is not that common  one of there main dishes is corn dogs what are deep fried hot dogs


we do have some sports what are the same like basketball soccer swimming and some netball and some Olympic such as athletics  events. We have sorta the same religion Christion and catholic we both have some beautiful beaches and they are both very touristy. We speak the same language English   Image result for AUS AND USA\


My film ended up going really well we changed it a bit on the day like most filmmakers. We ended up doing some cool things what look epic backwards such as tricks on bike poring water out turning the tap on jumping up and down we had about 1 hour to do our film and we successfully did it thanks for the help angus!

update blog post pp

My passion project was awesome trick shots with the basketball and football and like epic pictures of the sunset and me doing some flips but we changed because my good friend angus said we could do this and it was our inspiration from a video from YouTube and what it is awesome things what look epic backwards and we could still do backflips backwards and trick shots  backwards and I can’t wait to film it because it will be really fun .

ottt film pitch

my topic is the Geelong cats football club and the history of different stadiums such as church hill ,argyle, corio oval and Kadina

and the famous history on the players such as Garry ablett jr and senior and carji greeves and Charles Brownlow

and maybe interview some famous people like Tom Hawkins mick turner Susie Robinson and ask them some questions about famous history

this a good film to teach people in our year and maybe others about the Geelong cats history about the  different stadiums famous people who have been in the Geelong football club

the film will be like a news report/documentary and maybe using green screen

i really want to do this topic and hope this a good explanation for me to get this topic


PP editing

editing so far has been not to good I’m starting tomoorow cause i need some finishing photos of it . I’m so happy with how my project has been coming together. I’ve learnt how fun it is to create something by yourself, everyone has helped, my dad had help me through out all of yhe building ash my family friend helped built it to and we used it to and my mum helped me with my script.

#pp editing post.

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