boy overboard

theses last two terms we have been reading a book called boy overboard it is about a boy that lives in a war-torn country and loves playing soccer. But its not aloud in the country so they run away from the country because the coverment found out that his mum had a school that they did not tell them about so they run to Australia.

So they catch a boat till they get found by an Australian war ship and get saved by them but get sent to an island and get reunited with there parents

win at the fair


This project maths lesson we have been working on win at the fair. For this task we had to play a game with a game board and a counter or button. This game was very educational because it told us how to work with money and how to make a correct game board that would make us a lot of money and make us not lose that much money.

The game board is made up by 37 hexagons and has numbers on the side of the game board and start at the bottom of the game board. How you play is so you have a counter or button and you roll two dice depending on what you get you move to the side or up or side ways. There you have the numbers what ever amount of money what get from the game you keep so if I landed on 20 cense the game would start over.

In my first game board on computer I profited 62 sense and earned $379.40. In this game we also compered 6c data to 6a data showing down. When we sore these on the board we had to write them down in our books and figure out the tally and the total and how much money we and they profited. To do this we would write down tally marks in our book like the picture bellow we wrote this In our books and had our own games with three or two in our groops.

passion project 2

for my second blog post on my passion project I’m doing planning. For planning my video I’ve gotten rid of the sound effects on the skating footage and replaced it with music.

Then for the footage I have deleted some of the long parts where you have to wait for the it to go to the next slide. Ones I’m done I think it is going to be an ok video because it is taking me a long time to make this project and I’ve put all my skills of premier into this video so I hope its good.

For in-between the slides I have done a title before the next slide starts so say when I was going to do the 180 turn it will come up with the title 180 turn before I do it.

this picture is the title



Richard is a boy who lived in Africa and there was lions living near them. Then Richard came up with an idea to keep the lions away from the farms and cattle. First he triad a fake scare crow but it did not work because he didn’t have light to keep the lions away. Then he tried fire but then it just showed the lions were the cattle were and didn’t last long because the fire would go out. Then last but not least he tried a flashing light witch he got from his mums new radio and the solar power he got the idea from when he was walking outside with a torch and noticed that he didn’t have any lions attack him so then he created the light.

He got a scholarship at the best school in Kenya witch Is a city in Africa and grew his expert ideas at the school. when  he was in the city he saw a plane fly over the city and he wished he would fly a plane one day so his he was going to be a pilot.

passion post 1

for my passion project I am doing a roller blading video on how I have done over the last 3 years of me rollerblading and my progress so far. I have decided to get all of my footage from the past and put then in my video so you know how I have changed.

My first time at the skate park was at Clifton springs and you can see that in my video when I do my 180 turn. Then there’s the Barwon heads skate park one of the best skate parks because the giant skate bowl there is fun and enjoyable when you skate in it able to be seen it in my video at the part where it goes medium skate bowl.

feed back so far

my feed back so far is to cut out some of the footage in the video because it is to long and people will get board.

year 6 term 1

for this blog post I will be talking about what we did in term 1. For term 1 we did film school filming maths groups writing and a bunch of other cool stuff.

For film school we did a lot lessons on how to use and look after cameras and also learnt about different shots and how to set up tripods and use them. In film school we first learnt how to make a film and get good shots when you are filming.

For group maths we got into groups and learnt all about place value and powers and all those kind of things. I was in Mrs Stafford’s group and we learnt how to say numbers differently and we also learnt place value.

In reading we are reading boy over board this story is about a boy living in a war struck country where there is plane recs and destroyed army vehicles like tanks, trucks, and army jeeps. this story has a amazing adventure and will take your breath away.

Camp was amazing and was so fun because there was m sac, Acmi, bowling, and syn radio. But my high lite was  m sac we did a bunch of awesome things like the blow up water obstacle cores and water slide, and a wave pool.

camcorders and camera angles

different shots

close up, extreme close up, long shot, extreme long shot, worms eye, low shot, birds eye, high shot, eye level, canted,

For one of or clinics we did camcorders and camera angles, camera angles are very important to a film maker because they use shots all the time.

Close up

A close up is very common in a film along with the long shot.

Long shot

The long shot is a very common shot in a movie you will at least see one in every movie.

Extreme close up

The extreme close up isn’t used that much in movies but some documentaries you mite see extreme close ups of animal and things like that.

Extreme long shot

The extreme long shot Is used a lot in films and I find most of the films that are based in the war but they are shot that are realy fare away from the thing you are looking at.

Worms eye

The worms eye shot is a shot that is almost at you feet but it is very rare in my opinion because the movies I watch have like no worm shots in them.

A low shot

A low shot is like a worm shot but it is a bit higher and not at the feet of the character or building.

So they are some of the shots that I know so fare.



shot list and story board

for to day we are doing our shot lists, shot list is a planning stage of a film. Using word you have to make a table and write down all the parts and who is playing the part. The shot list has to be very detailed or you won’t pass so to make it detailed you have to include every thing that you are doing in it so if some one picked it up they could perform it strait away. So like a check list this it will give you a sense of direction or will help you make a film.

green screen

for this lesson we did green screen recording and we where tort all the basics of the green screen. When we where in the room the teacher told us the that both of the film lights have to be on or you will only get one shadow.

Then she told us about the camera and how it has to be facing or how zoomed it is because if you have it zoomed out you get bits that are not green behind you.

then it was how they got it attached to the TV screen so not only can every body else see it but the actor can too and in a film always remember to not be wearing green cloths or you will be invisible.

shotgun mike

for this lesson we did shotgun mikes for this was all about the mike and the covers like the dead cat and dead wombat. the dead cat is a cover that is the size of the shotgun and makes shore the mike doesn’t get any spit or anything that can harm the mike on it. the dead wombat is very big and I’m not shore if its ment for the shotgun because its very big and probably wont fit on it.