Passion Project #Reflection

I changed my idea that I had from the start. At the start I was going to home make my book, but I changed it, so we got it printed.

Some challenges I faced where finding where we could make my book and how I would set it out I also needed to order it quickly so that it didn’t come in to late.

I found a solution by my Nan showing me some sights where I can make a book and then I found one and started making my book. I got my book made quickly because my family helped me to get it finished they also proof read it to cheek all my spelling and grammar.

If I where to continue this project or do it again I would put more photos and less information seeing it is a photo book.

Ireland RVE


I N T R O ūüôā

In RVE we had to make a introduction to a country and write about there sports, culture, religion and what they wear for clothing.

Our culture is kind of similar because there main religion is Christian and there is lots of Christians in Australia.


  • Ireland and Australia speak different languages.
  • Different Food
  • Different Sports


  • Some sports
  • Culture/Religion
  • People

If I lived in Ireland i would feel happy because my family came from Ireland and I could see there culture and what they lived in. I would love to try out there sports and see where they live. I would find the language hard.


Building Views Reflection

This activity involved looking at things in a different perspectives. I started off by drawing it with the numbers already written. Then we had to find out where each number would go using the drawings. We had to do this with five buildings. Then we did the same on MATHS300 and found some different strategy’s.


Some strategy’s I used was to build the front row first then do the side view and then add any other blocks that I would need to build the shape. Then I would look at the shape again and take out the blocks that I didn’t need. But it can’t change the actual building.

I found the part when we had to draw the box using the square the hardest because I didn’t know where to put it the numbers and having the least amount of blocks was hard to.

I learnt how to draw the squares and how to put the things in the right place. I also learnt how to how to find a strategy with things like this and how to put things in the right place with the squares.


The Lost Princess

Today in DC we watched a Film about 4 different kids who got addicted to the internet. They got messages from people who where not actually what they said and others got cyber bullied.  One got addicted to Gaming 2 others got addicted to messaging all the time and the other one got hacked and cyber bullied.

A problem she had was being addicted to messaging the one person and her Mum got very grumpy that she was always on her phone.

The negatively affected there lives by her mum keep om telling her to get off her phone and the girl got angry she also spent all the time on her phone so it would have affected her eye sight.

The issue got resolved by her mum looking at her phone and reading the messages and helping her with the problem.

They could have spent less time on there phones and tell there parents if something was going on and then they could help before it turned into a big problem.

The biggest message from the story that I took away was don’t spend all your time on your phone. Another message was don’t trust everyone who you message because it can really be anyone.


Passion Project # Update

W h a t   H a v e   I   D o n e   S o   F a r ?

So far I have made my Photo Book of my animals.  We have also ordered it.

W h a t   H a v e   I   L e a r n t ? 

Doing this I have learnt it is very important for when your making a book to get everything right because when you get it printed you cant really just get it printed again.

W h a t   C h a l l e n g e s   h a v e   I   F a c e d ?

I have found the hardest part of making the book was getting all the grammar and punctuation right. Another challenge was getting the pictures in the right position and the way I liked them.

W h a t   I s   N e x t ? 

All I need to do now is wait for my Photo Book to come and then I will be finished.

Passion Project #Description T3

For My Term 3 Passion Project i am doing it on my animals and how much i love them. I will include some of my favourite photos and memories.

I’m setting it out in a book i will make. I am going to get some nice paper with patterns.

On each page i will have a photo of the animal and i will even include some photos of some that have passed away.

Here is what i’m hoping it will look like.

DC Cartoons

Today in DC we have been showed 3 pictures of Images about Cartoons related to DC we have talked about some funny things about the pictures and the not so good part about the picture.

When we first saw this image we thought it was funny because what she is saying in the speech bubble and he is ignoring her and sitting there on his phone.

The message in this image is don’t be rude and stay on your phone and just get off it don’t be addicted to it if someone is talking to you answer them.

This is an important message because if someone is talking to you you should answer it and not be rude make the most of it

Now that i have looked at the picture i don’t think it is funny anymore its actually rude what he is doing. He is just ignoring her

Passion Project Reflection

I have had a wonderful time completing my Passion Project and i have learnt more about filming and my passion.

I am really happy with the way my Project turned out. I also had so much fun whilst filming it. 

I did my Passion Project on Horse-Riding my original idea was to do the basics¬†but it turned out like a how to project so i changed it and deleted some slides and added others. I’m really happy with the soundtrack i used and and all the images. I’m very thankful that mum could help and we worked as a great team and made a really good film.


I found the editing stage the hardest because i started editing on my phone but it didn’t work so¬† instead i changed to my school laptop. I also found the filming stage hard because i had to find the time to film.


I found filming fun because i got outside the house with my Horse and we had lots of fun. I also made a lot of mistakes which made it even funnier.


I would probably start filming a bit earlier because i filmed later which made it a little frustrating and i would have added some other stuff that i forgot to film.

Win At The Fair

Lesson one:

In lesson one we tested the first board for win at the fair we all played several games and added them together with the class we found this board wasn’t fair for the player or the school trying to get money. The total cost was $96.40 and we go $117 in . $213.40 out. At the start we played 117 games at $1 each for a person to play we where hoping to make around $300 profit.


Lesson Two:

In lesson two we used our information from last lesson and made a creative board and a official version in our creative version we could add black holes and teleportation and in the official version we couldn’t use black holes or teleportation we also couldn’t put prices in the middle only on the sides.


Lesson Three:

Lesson three we where told to make our own board on Maths 300 we tested this board 1000

times over and over till it worked i found my answer was similar each game and stayed in the 60-70 cents out. My board involved 5 dollars as top money and smallest was 0 dollars. Here is all of my games i played and how much money my school won. (The pictures are all over the page.)


My board was better than the original one because it had more chance to win a better prize for the school and the people who are/want to play the board. Mine includes a top prize of 5 and low prize of 0. My best average payout was $0.69 and the first board payout was $215.40 that is why i think my board it much better than the first board.

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