Toady in Design we have been introduced to Scratch. I have learnt what all of the bricks mean and what there job is. here is a demonstration.

screen record-199q2si


This week in design we have been working on scratch we have done 2 challenges one was a 10 block challenge I found this one more challenging but we still finished here is a video of my 10 block challenge

abby dancing-2dmjmzl

Our second challenge was to make a animail or a sprite dance this was more easy but that was only because we had to use instructions if we didn’t then it would be really hard.

Next we had to explore around the scratch page and save at least 3 or 4 projects that some one else made and explore them.

We also had to debug some projects on scratch the problem with the first one was there was to When clicked button on so when you clicked the when click button only one sprite would dance. We fixed this by adding the when clicked button.


Today in design we had to do debug it 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 1.5 these where quite easy but also hard my favourite on was  debug it 5. the problem was that the meow was before the speech bubble so we had to figure out how to get it in timing.

I changed the program so now it has

When green flag click

Repeat 3

Say meow, meow, meow for 1 seconds

play sound meow

it worked but it was a more challenging way because I had to keep on changing the timing of the speech.

here is a video of me explaining my thinking

Melting Pot

What an amazing book!!! This book you can never put down. Melting pot is about an 11 year old boy who has a mother from England and his farther who is from china. I would recommend this book to people who like reading about different country’s.



Allegro Day

This year fives have been learning a hole type of instruments and every one of the days in each week we practice our songs on our instrument. We have been practicing a song for  allegro day .  We had A full day of music that has made me and every one learn a lot about playing our instruments.  It was my first time that I have played in front of a ordinance and I really though it was awesome. I really think that we all sounded awesome together and we sounded like a real band my favourite performance was probable all of them because I though they are really amazing.

My group played a song called swing low and some of the main parts of this song was solos

Micro Worlds

Today in maths we did micro worlds. Micro worlds is a maths game where you have to program a turtle to make shapes or all kind of things. I think micro worlds can be challenging because the turtle isn’t that smart so we have to  make the turtle under stand what we mean.

The turtle has a pen underneath him so when he writes he can draw.

The easy thing about this is drawing and the fun thing is making the shape and seeing it a the end.

I have made heaps of shapes and they all worked and the turtle understood what we meant.

Here are one of the shapes that I have made.

Today in micro worlds our task was to make the turtle write the first 2 letters of our name our first name and our middle name. I really enjoyed this activity because we had a little challenge and I found having to make curves or twists where challenging. I found I had really learnt how to make more stuff on micro worlds and it is a little less challenging for me. This activity was very different to what we normally do in micro worlds. It was different because we don’t to much curving and twisting but for example if we had a s or  o in our name it would be more challenging.


Today in maths we did paper craft we  built a kite and we had to tell what we had learnt about kites. I have learnt that when you put 2 kites together you can make heaps of shapes. I also figured out that in a kite there is 2 obtuse angles one right angle and one acute angle. I also figured out that when you put two kites together the angles you can have are straight obtuse and  acute

Here some photos of me explaining what the different angles are. the first photo is an acute angle. The second photo is an obtuse angle the 3rd one is a straight angle. the 4th one is a right angle.

Simple Machines


Wow what a wonderful Design session each class went to there homeroom teacher and we all did something different but they are related to rube Goldberg machines. My class where doing pulleys we got put with a pair and we made a pulley. I was in a group with Hannah and we made 2 pulleys. I think in my rube Goldberg machine I will use a pulley because they are easy to make and they work. I think building the pulley was a little difficult  because we didn’t get where we made the container hang but at the end we figured it out. This activity gave me heaps of ideas of ideas for my rube Goldberg machine and the activity taught me lots about pulleys and how they work and how you can make them.

What we used     -Yogurt containers – String – marbles – Wire and pulley wheel.                                                                                                                                               I really enjoyed this activity it gave me an idea for my rube Goldberg machine and it was really fun to make. In my rube Goldberg machine I will put the pulley to move things around and the rube Goldberg machine could even be a pulley.

Here are some photos and some videos of our activity and our pulley working.


Today in design, we made Lego simple machines all of the different machines had simple tasks to do. I worked with Ella and we made a seesaw. We found this activity very hard at moments because Ella and I do not do much Lego.

All of the Lego machines at the end worked I really enjoyed seeing every ones Lego and what It looked like at the end. I also loved seeing what they were meant to do.

Here are some photos and videos  

(Double click the Lego button then at the bottom of your task bar click open)



Tody in design we all did amazing connects. All of the connects had a simple machine in it. I was in a group Jack Eilish and Theo. We decided to make a sawmill I really enjoyed building it and I loved all the challenges that were involved. These are some of the challenges involved

Making the Bottom

Figuring out what we need to do

What was useful?

Doing different things at the same time so we finished quicker

Talking to each other (communication)

Here are some photos and videos.


Today we connected all of our machines together they all looked really amazing. It was really hard connecting them to make them all work. In my group was Ella Eilish and my self. I feel we got lots finished and we worked really well together

Here are some photos



Session 1

Wow what a wonderful day. We started robotics. We got put into groups of three. Our task was to build a robot. It was very challenging and very frustrating at moments. At the end we Had to stop my group wasn’t finished but then we only had a couple of steps left so we finished it. I really loved this activity because at the start we did coding for what we would like our robot to do. I want my robot to high five someone. Building the robot was challenging but easy at the same time. I think my group worked well together. We had a job each and we

Where helping No one was getting left out.

Here are some photos of Today.

Session 2

Today we tested our robots out I didn’t get to finish mine and video it but I finished my programing. This activity was a little challenging and a little hard at the same time my favourite part was watching my program loading onto the robot I really enjoyed seeing every body’s working and see what kind of amazing things that they had made there’s  do. I cant wait to see what mine does next and see if it works.

I think mine might go straight or do heaps of circles round and around.

Here is a screen snip of my program that I made.

Step 2

 Step one

Session 3

Today we started more programing and I have found out that my robot works. My Program made a little circle. Next Lesion I will change my program and retest and see if it works.   I found out that programing is very easy and challenging at the same time. I really enjoyed this activity because I really enjoy programing and exploring what the robot can do.

Session 4

Today I got to start doing our first challenge. In our first challenge we had to make our robot go ford in seconds rotations and degrees. I found the programing a little challenging and easy at the same time I found it challenging because when I tested mine it was going ford for to long and it was about to roll off the table.

What’s Next?

 The next thing I’m going to do is shorten how many times the wheel spins so that it won’t roll off the table.

Problems that happened along the way

Some of the problems that happened along the way was that the robot almost rolled off the table and other times it wouldn’t work.

How I fixed these problems

I fixed these problems by going back to my program and changing things and retesting them so that they would work.


Today in robotics we had to make our robot go around a baseball diamond it was really hard because the turns we really tight but I really enjoyed seeing the robot working at the end it was really awesome and it was really fun to watch it going around the next thing we had to do was make our robot do the baseball  diamond then turn around and come back. I didn’t get up to doing this because it is a little hard. here is a screenshot of my program.

Today in robotics we had the year elc 4s come and have a look at our robots we also had a new challenge which was a colour sensor on the bottom of our robot we had to make our robot have to go up to one colour sense it turn around and go back to the next colour it was really challenging and I really didn’t understand it this is a photo of my program that I made.

I really enjoyed this activity and I learnt a lot about robotics.

We had the Elc 4s come and join us and my buddie and I made a new program for our robot we made it go in a straight line stop make a noise and keep on going fored. here is a photo of our program.

Today in design we where intrusted to 2 new blocks called the ultrasonic sensor and touch sensor I have got some screen casts that explain my learning.

screencasts-1kdswdd Here is the link to my screen casts


Today in robotics we hade do a challenge with the ultrasonic sensor and this was the challenge RoboticsRoboticsScreen shot 2-2hfhgg9 (here is the link)

We also had to do a colour sensor and touch sensor. here are the programs for them to.

RoboticsRoboticsRoboticsScreen shot 3-u923vl (Touch sensor)

(Colour sensor)

I really learnt a lot this session about robotics and now that I have done it for a wile I understand that its harder than it looks.



This week in robotics we had to make our robots follow a straight black line the stop with using the touch sensor I found this activity very challenging because we had to make it use the touch and colour sensor this made our task more challenging.

Next we had to have a working program and a drawn program that matches the working one.

Then the last day we had to program a spero we had to make it follow a 2D shape, write a letter of the alphabet and we had to make it make a shape this really pushed me and my groups thinking the challenged us and we didn’t know what to do here is some photos and videos of what we have done.

Who Am I ?

I really enjoyed who am I because I loved learning more about the stolen generation and Aboriginals. Along the way Mary gets to learn more about who she really is and she becomes proud to be an Aboriginal. Mary meets new friends and gets taught more about who she really is by Dot. My favourite part is when Mary meets all of her new Aboriginal  friends.

My next chapter for this story

Wow remember that lady that said she would try and find my real parents for me. She did I went to where I grew up and I meet all of my family it was amazing I loved it mum gave me a gigantic hug and said I missed you so much I’m so happy your home. that made me really feel like I was back at home.

Rube Goldberg

Today we had a challenge the challenge we had was to build a Rube Goldberg Machine a Rube Goldberg Machine is a hard Machine built to make a simple task. Our simple task was to put a piece of paper in the bin. At the start the teachers said we had to try and have Three different Machines joined to make one we didn’t finish our so we just did one Machine. It was difficult challenging and frustrating at moments But we gave it a go. I Have learnt so much today like just how hard it is to make a Rube Goldberg Machine. I thought it would we easy. it really made me and my group thing when we where doing our seed it made us wonder what materials where we going to use and how can we make three simple machines and join them into one.  My Favourite part of Today was seeing it work at the end it made me really excited.  We thought that our Rube Goldberg Machine wouldn’t work.

Here is our Rube Goldberg Machine.


Today we got put into groups of three and our task was to start designing a Rube Goldberg machine in this rube Goldberg machine we had to have three or more simple machines in it. This was challenging to design because we where not sure what we should do. So instead we where trying to figure out what could be a amazing mind-blowing Rube Goldberg machine that we could learn lots from.


Today we had to design a Rube Goldberg machine on our page we had to include materials, purposes, what we want it to do  and a design of the Rube Goldberg machine I really enjoyed doing the design and making a really awesome task.

Our task was to put a full stop at the end of a sentence. I think this will we a little challenging but easy at the same time because all we need to do is make an awesome machine to do a simple thing like making a full stop at the end of a sentence which might be easy. The challenging thing though is building which will be the most exciting part.

I cant wait to get started this will be an awesome opportunity.


Today we kept on going with our designs I found this really fun because I love designing some of the things our designs had to include where what the materials are, what we want it to do, the three simple machines that where involved and the purpose. My group added all of these thing including the drawing of the design. I loved the drawing and a thought that all of our designs looked awesome because all of the detail we added into them. I also thought that our design looked very different from other peoples because most people put a computer in it but we didn’t. I think this activity will be very challenging because we have to add a lot of things for an example

Making the pulley

Making the incline plain

Making the seesaw

Joining them all together

Making it portable.

I think one of the problems in this task will be we will have 1 or 2 success and 10 or more failures

Here is a photo of my seed


Today we started to make our Rube Goldberg machines. We made a pulley and a incline plane. I think the incline plane was the most easiest to build because be just had a straight piece of card board and we lent it on the chair. The pulley was harder because we had to put 2 cups on the pulley instead of one. Next time we build we will might start joining all of our three simple machines together and then we will start testing it and make sure there is no problems. I think our Rube Goldberg machine will be challenging because we have to try and make the pencil fall right on the end of the sentence which I think will be very hard. Another hard part is to make our toy car bonce onto the seesaw this will be difficult because its probably going to land either side of our seesaw and It will be very challenging to get it landing on the seesaw each time we do it. I think we will have it work only a couple times and I think wont get to do it 10 or more times. I’m looking forded to see our Rube Goldberg machine at the end because I cant wait to see all the simple machines working together.


In Rube Goldberg we have been starting to build and test. My group have been doing very good and our last part of our Rube Goldberg machine is finished.

The problem is the first part of the machine which was the pulley.


Our solution was to attach a piece of string to our pulley and to the card board so that the cardboard will lift up and release the marble then the rest of our machine will work and hopefully work.


My group and I where struggling with making a full stop at the end of the sentence. so instead we all decided to change what it was doing to making a piece of paper flying into a funnel

Here is a video of our machine working

Today  in Rube Goldberg we had to try and make our machine work mainly every time I felt this job very challenging because one of the members from my group was talking the whole session and only helped a couple of times. I really enjoyed the one time it worked in the whole session and it was very exciting and I was really happy when it happened. Some problems my machine had was the pulley and the pulley not lifting up the cardboard to release the marble.

What’s next?

Next me and my group will shorten the string get a smaller chair for the cardboard to rest on because it kept on getting stuck there

Here is a couple of photos





What we did today

Today me and my group worked on fixing the problems that I mentioned in my other post these problems included having to move the chair around, change the size of chair, shorten the string on the pulley so that it can release the marble to go down the incline plain into the seesaw and finish our machine.

Problems included

Some of the problems me and my group found out about our machine was that the chair was underneath our pulley which made it very challenging for our pulley to work.

How did we fix it?

We moved around the chair and checked that it would work.

Here are some videos and photos


What we did

Today me and my groups aim was to finish it up and to get it working every time

Did we achieve this?

We kind of achieved this because it did work 5 or 6 time in a row but the rest didn’t work .

My group and I where very excited to see our amazing machine work and I think we learnt just how hard it is to build a Rube Goldberg machine.

Before we started this project my group and I though that this subject would be really easy and work almost every time but when we saw the YouTube video of Audrey’s Rube Goldberg machine I started to think how hard it would really be it was so hard that me and my group was first going to make our machine have a full stop and the end of a sentence but because it was so hard we changed it to making a piece of paper fall into a funnel.


I really enjoyed building our machine , changing it, improving it and seeing it finally working at the end.

Here is a video of it working


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