Passion Project Term 4

For this term’s passion project I wasn’t too sure what to do, given it had to be for or with a family member, I was thinking of important family members who I could make and/or create something for. I decided to do it for someone who I actually don’t live with, my sister Jess ( who is 30) . Actually it’s not for Jess, it is for Jess’ new Daughter, Her name is Zoe. I’m intending to create a wooden carving of a little echidna. I will then hopefully paint it, and I’m hoping to make four little wheels which the echidna can roll around on. I’ll make a short film with some photos and videos of the process and maybe a short clip of Zoe with the toy. I’ll use Premier to edit the film and chuck in some music. I’m Hoping it’ll look something like this

Passion Project #Reflect

This passion project was great fun. I’ve been taking videos and photos of things that I love doing. I took a clip of me on the trampoline, playing footy watching Richmond playing with my dog. I also took some photos of my house. I would’ve taken one of me surfing but the one time I went surfing the phone ran out of battery. Apart from this I’ve had a success (I hope) A challenge I faced was Adobe Premier, which just completely stopped working. This forced me to use Movie Maker, which is perfectly good, it’s just not as advanced as Premier and not as many techniques to learn. This has been a great terms passion project and has been really fun to enjoy doing all of the things that I love. gh v

R.V.E Country Report

What we were told to create was a double paged layout on a country of our choice. We had research some certain aspects of the country, it’s religion, the countries flag and some celebrations.

The country I chose was India, because I’ve been there and I wanted to learn more about their cultures

I drew the flag and researched that the beige stripe represents the strength and the courage of the land’s people. The white stripe represented the peace that the people want, and the green represented the faith that the people hold.

Some differences that our cultures have:

Our country has so much more room then them because they have over 1 billion people and we have under 25 million.

The food there is very different to ours. We eat all types of different foods, they mostly stick to curries and traditional food.

It is so much warmer there as it is up near the equator, and we’re much further south.

Although there are differences, there are also some similarities:

The casual clothing up there is very much similar to our clothing when we are in the summer.

Both countries consider cricket one of their biggest, and most loved sports.

If I lived in this culture I would find it reasonably difficult to eat some of their food as I’m not great with spice. I would find it very interesting to see all the markets and the transportation. I would love how everyone plays cricket and they take it very seriously.

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Building Views

  1.     We were given a task to figure out over the week. We got given a sheet of paper with several 4×4 grids. Each square had the number 0,1,2,3 or4. We had to imagine that the number on each square represented how many blocks were physically stacked on top of that Square. E.g. A 3 would mean that square would be 3 blocks high. We built each grid with blocks and then looked at it from the front and from the right. We then had to draw it as if it was a 2D image, from the side, and the front. Then we were given another sheet which was almost the opposite. the sheet had a whole bunch of 2D views of a 3D grid. Then we had to write the 4×4 grid and write down the correct numbers for the maximum amount of blocks possible and the minimum. What Sam and I did was we first of all made the studied the 2D images. We figured out that for the minimum we had to put the most amount of blocks and line it up with the view on the right side and the front. We tried to completely get rid of blocks so that other blocks could be seen in their place. It was reasonably difficult to find the minimum as there were so many ways to completely remove blocks. I learnt how if you look at things from different perspectives, hey can completely change what the actual thing is E.g. If you put a block  So you can see it from the front, you may not be able to see it from the right if there is a stack of blocks in front of it. I also learnt how to look at a 2D image and visualise it as 3D and vice versa.

Passion Project Term 3 #Update

When your upside down                                            So far I’m going pretty well on my passion project (I think.)I’ve taken 4 or five clips of things I’m passionate about. And I’ve imported that footage onto my computer. I tried to put it all onto Adobe Premier but my computer wouldn’t let me access it. Instead I decided to settle with Movie Maker. I’ve added effects, transitions and music to the footage. My next step will be to take the rest of the footage, and then put it onto my computer. After that I’ll fiddle round a bit and see what I can do. So far I’ve only used the drone once but I plan to use it again. I’m using Movie Maker for one of the first times so I’ve figured out how that works….h

The Lost Princess

Today we watched a 10 minute film about digital citizenship. We learnt all about being safe online. We watched several short clips of different people who had a problem online. There was Kieran, who is addicted to gaming, Charlotte, who was spending way too much time on her phone and was very close to being a dangerous situation and Lucy, who got hacked into her email and phone by school bullies.


Kieran spent too much time on video games. He played and played and played. He spent  up to 14 hours a day of staring at a screen holding a controller in his hands. At the age of 15, he dropped out of school. He wasn’t sleeping at night, instead he was gaming. His Dad threatened to take away his computer but he lied that he would cut down the hours. At the age of 16, he realised he needed help. He went to a trusted person to talk things over, his dad.

His life was changed. He didn’t sleep, he didn’t eat proper meals and he only came out when it was absolutely necessary. He changed not only his life but the lives of his family and friends. Dropping out of school was the worst decision he made. He never got the perfect education that he would have.

After spending years and years sitting on a chair staring at a screen, Kieran finally realised his mistakes. He noticed a huge change in his life, he couldn’t sleep, he didn’t eat, he didn’t go to school. He went to his Dad asking for help and after having a discussion

He could have lived a more healthy and balanced life, instead he decided to sit in his room playing video games. Getting outside and being active or playing with real mates would have been a much better decision.

The biggest take away/ message  that I took away from this was to live a balanced life and to know when you’ve got a problem. Kieran had an addiction to video games and it took 15 years to realise it.

Passion Project Term 3 #Description

For my passion project this term, I’ll be intending to create a Film/video. The film will consist of several short clips of me and the things I’m passionate about. Some of the clips will be taken with a drone that our family owns so that I can get the best angles. Every one will be a short video of something I love, I may or may not be in every clip. I might make a clip of me surfing, or me playing footy or jumping on a trampoline. I’m not 100% sure what every clip will be on but it be some but it will probably be some footage on what it is and what I’m doing.

What I’ll need to do is first of all take all of the footage. The drone has an inbuilt camera. This means that after taking the footage I am going to need to import some of the footage from the drone, onto a phone and then from the phone onto my computer.  I’m planning to use Adobe Premier to put all the footage together and add some music and a few voice-overs. If I’m wanting a challenge, I may not use Premier and instead use a more advanced film producing app. I am aiming this project for anyone who’ll listen really, to be honest it doesn’t really effect them unless they are wanting inspiration or ideas.

The thing I’m most looking forward to is taking all the footage (Some with the Drone). It’s such a good way to film things because it enables you to take the footage while moving without the video looking shocking. I’m also looking forward to seeing the final product and having it finished.

Passion Project #3

During this project, I did achieve what I set out for at the start of the term. I made a 2 minute video on what I made which was the ripsurf, a mix between a surfboard and a skateboard. how to use it and some footage of me using it. Parts of the board were preety hard to saw but I think I generally faced success. After importing some of the footage to my computer, I made a video of how I made it and what I used to make it. Some of the challenges I faced were not being able to saw to identical wedges to sit the wheels on. There wasn’t much I could do about this so I just had to keep trying until I got it right.

To be honest, I’m not sure if there is that much more to learn from this project. I could sort of figure/work out how the board works and why the wheels need to be on a 45o angle. This would probably be my next step after where I’m up to now. Here is a photo of the board after I painted it. There is a bit of newspaper stuck to it but I’ve painted over it now. 

Win at the Fair

First, with ‘Win At The Fair,’ we started by playing the original game board. (see above) After gathering the data, we realised that this game board isn’t profitable for the fair manager. We played 117 games of this board and the yet we had to give out $213.40. This meant that overall, once 117 games were played, the manager lost $96.40. That meant that if we wanted to gain money instead of lose it, we would need to change the board one way or another.

We were told to change the original game board so that the manager of the game/fair would make money. After 1000 games we hoped to make $300 profit. This meant that we had to create a new board so that we gain money, but also made it look enticing.

We created a creative board with whatever movements, prizes and tiles we wanted. In partner’s,  Sam and I created a creative board. (see below)  Our creative board involved black holes which end the game, Teleporters which teleport you to the other one. It also has different prize values and different moving directions. We were very successful with our board. We played 30 games, gave away $14.70. This means that we as the game creators made $15.30. This is a pretty decent price.

After that, we had to make another game board this time with rules and guidelines. Our game board was very successful. On average we made 35c which out of 100 games made u     us  $350 if we played 1000 games.

We made our board profitable because only 3 outcomes lost the participator money whereas 4 outcomes win the buyer money. What they don’t know is that those 4 possibilities are the 4 least likely to be landed on. This makes it more likely to lose money. This also made it very enticing . This was the end product