September 21

Country Investigation

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In RVE we have been looking at cultures in different country’s. We got to write a assessment piece on our chosen country. Now we get to compare our chosen country to Australia. I chose The United Kingdom as my country.

United Kingdom

In the UK Men typically wear a suit and tie, and Women wear a jacket and skirt some Women wear pants. Young people ted to wear jeans and a T-Shirt.


In Australia from my point of view people are wearing more comfortable things to work such as jeans and jumpers or T-Shirts and loose fitting pants. This is very different to the UK because they tend to wear traditional working clothes.

United Kingdom

In the UK the usual working day starts at 9:00am and finishes at 5:00pm, witch is 8 hours a day for a week witch is 40 hours a week. In 1998 a new law was passed saying that workers in the UK do not have to work more than 48 hours a week, but 22% of British workers work more than a 48 hour week.


In Australia the standard working hours are 38 hours a week, however some people are required to be working 40 hours a week in Australia. There is a huge difference between the standard working hours in the UK and Australia by at least 10+ hours by the people in the 22% of the UK workers who work 48+ hours a week.

Although we have a few differences we have some similarities.

United Kingdom and Australia

The English breakfast is still a very popular meal in the United kingdom dating back to the early 1300’s.

The traditional English breakfast consists of Eggs, Bacon, Sausages, Fried bread, Backed beans and mushrooms.

A “Heavy” Australian breakfast consists of mainly the same things, Eggs, Bacon, sausages and Fried tomato.

It is clear that us Australians and the British do like a big “Heavy” breakfast once in a while.

If I…

If I lived in the UK I would find everything very interesting, because there country is very different to ours in some ways but in others we are very simular. If I went to the UK I would visit London when it is snowing, because I have always wanted to be walking around London while it is snowing. I would also try the famous English breakfast.

If I lived in the UK I would find it very challenging to a-gust to heaps of people walking around, trying to get from place to place, in a very quick pace because in Australia not everyone is in a rush. I also feel like the UK is very busy and people are always working. Other than that I would love to visit the UK.

I have really liked this Project we have been doing in RVE. It has been really fun, and I have liked investigating other cultures and religions. I have found out many different things about other country’s that I did not know before, and I have come to respect different cultures even more.


September 17

Passion Project #3


Today I have finished editing my passion project. It did not take long because I did not really use any fancy editing tricks because I thought they would not match my film, and I was right because I tried them out and they did not. The only trick I did use was slow motion, I just changed the speed and duration from 100 to 65 to make it go slower.

Once again to edit my Passion Project I used Adobe Premier Pro. I used it because I know it has a lot of cool tricks you can use and it is also better quality then some other editing software apps.

In my film I stuck to the things I knew most of the time because I did not want to rune my film there for causing me to re do my film. It did also not always match the film I was doing.

I learnt how to mute out the background noise from my family because they were talking in some of the shots and I cannot blame them. To do this I spent heaps of time watching YouTube videos witch did not cover my needs, so I asked my dad he found out how to do it in 2 minutes with out even using a video.

September 8

Passion Project #2


Today I became 1 step closer to finishing my Passion Project. I finally got to film the whole process to making the brownies. I decided it would be so much easier to just make the brownies in the Thermomix then to make them hand made is well. I have only ever made brownies in the Thermomix so it was a lot easier and less time consuming. My next step will be to start editing, I will include different things in my film when editing then I did with my hockey passion project. I will also learn how to mute out the background sound because there will be some from people talking, I will also slow down so parts to make them more dramatic.

I cannot wait till my passion project is finished I think it will turn out really well.

August 20

Split Point Lighthouse


This term in inquiry we have a new topic and it is our town through time. In Inquiry we have been researching topics that were selected by the teachers. We then got to put down our favourite places that we wanted to film our documentary. My top preference was the Split Point Lighthouse and fortunately I was put in the Split Point Lighthouse group.

The split point light house begun to be constructed in the late 1890 and in September 1891 it was illuminated. It is 66 meters above sea level and 34 meters in height. The first episode of Round The Twist was released in 1989 4 April and the last episode was released 2001 2 May.


In my documentary film I want to focus on the Inverlochy and the crash. I also want to focus on the drive down to The Split Point Lighthouse. In 1902 the Inverlochy crashed. The Inverlochy sighted Cape Otway and set course for Port Phillip Heads. However the Inverlochy was forced to take move along the Otway coast because of the easterly headwinds. Unfortunately the Inverlochy hit the Anglesea Reef and it sunk. In the film I want to also explore more the about the Inverlochy by speaking to people and finding more things about it.

I really want to tell this story because I think it is very interesting and worth telling. I also think with some more information about the Inverlochy it will make the film so much better. I think when people watch the film they will learn something new, but for example if I did Round The Twist people may not learn as much as they could off with the story of the inverlochy.

When I say I want to learn more about the Inverlochy by talking to people I think a great way to do that is by having a interview with an expert. I will hopefully have the chance to have a tour around the Split Point Lighthouse and I will learn some more things then is well. When it comes to editing I might put some pictures on the screen to enhance what I (My group) might be saying. For some reason I like the idea of walking around while I am sharing information so I think I may so that some time in the film.


August 15

Gauss Beats The Teacher

Today I started and my class mates finished a projected in project maths called Gauss Beats the Teacher. The really cool thing about the problem Gauss beats the teacher is that Gauss actually existed and he actually completed this  problem. He was born in 1777 and passed away in 1855.

The Problem

The problem is that when Gauss was in school he finished a task so the teacher gave him one that he thought would keep him quiet till lunch time but before the teacher could get back to there desk he had figured out the problem.

The is that you have to add up all the numbers from 1 to 100.

The way I figured out this problem was in my book I would have the numbers 1 to 10 going landscape and portrait. With the numbers 1 to 10 going down/portrait I would add them by going 10 + 9 = 19 and then with the numbers going across/landscape I would cross them off so I know not to use them again. After I got my answer for the group of numbers I was working on I would add it to the previous group.

55 + 155 =210

210 + 255 = 465

I kept doing that till I got to the group 21 to 30 and I started to see a pattern.

1 to 10 = 55

11 to 20 = 155

21 to 30 = 255

I do not know why it is 5050 not 5055 because I was not there on the day my class did this problem so I had to quickly find a way to work it out.

I didn’t really use that many strategies, but I did find a pattern and I did draw all the numbers out then cross them off witch is sort of a strategy (Draw a diagram) I also used addition so I guess I did use a bit of  strategies.

Although I did not have that much time to do this problem I really enjoyed it. It is very fun and I liked the fact that gauss was a mathematician and he completed this problem that everyone in my class completed. I hope we get to do more problems like this because they are really fun and they do not take for ever to complete.


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August 13

The Lost Princess

Today in RRR we where watching a video about cyber safety. It is called the lost princess. We were asked to choose one of the characters I and I chose Charlotte. All of the people who were in the film were actors acting out situations that happened to kids in real life.

The story

Charlottes situation is that in the morning she gets up early to log onto a website witch she had to lie and say her age was 13 not 12. She meets this boy/guy that she begins to trust and eventually gives her computer email to. They get really close and he starts to ask her questions that she does not want anyone to know about, so she try’s to avoid talking to him but he is always there sending emails and text messages because she accidently gave him, her message account. One night she keeps texting while eating dinner and her mum continues to get mad at her, so she stomps off to her room her mum reads the texts and realizes what has happened. She was meant to meet up with him and he wasn’t a boy he was a grown up, he was also contacting other girls too.

I think it is very important to be carful online because you do not know who you could be texting. For all we know we might be thinking where texting someone our age but then to find out that there actually 40.

I think it is very important to listen to the messages that are in the film:

Be carful online

Make sure your 110% sure that you are texting someone you know


I am glad the people who made this film made it because it has a lot of great messages and to know that the situations that are in the film are real life ones just makes it that much more important. To know that that could happen to you any time is scary but it makes it more important to listen to the massages in the film.



July 23

Passion Project #1

This term we are doing passion projects again.

I have decided to do cooking because I really like cooking for my family and make really yummy good. I have decided to make brownies because I found this really good recipe on the holidays witch I have already made 4 times. It will also not take as much time to film so it means I will have more time to edit and find out more editing tricks.

I want to show people that I like cooking and that brownies are really yummy 🙂🍉🍍I also want to show that although cooking may not be for everyone it is still really fun and you can cook really yummy food with the right ingredients and recipe you can make really good food.

I cannot wait till I can start filming my passion project because I love to cook it also gives me an excuse to be cooking. I also cannot wait till I can start editing because I like learning more editing skills, that I can use to enhance my passion project. If I have time or I decide I need to add something to my passion project I will make brownies hand made, because the original recipe I am going to use involves me using our thermomix, so I was going to make brownies both ways and have a competition to see witch type of brownies taste better. I cannot wait till I get started🙂🍉🍍

To prepare for my passion project I will need to get all of the in ingredients:

  • 100 g almonds
  • 200 g Butter, cubed
  • 100 g milk chocolate, broken into blocks
  • 100 g dark chocolate, broken into blocks 
  • 170 g brown sugar
  • 3 eggs, Lightly beaten
  • 40 g cocoa

I am 99.9 percent shore I have all the ingredients at home except for the chocolate. When I make the brownie at home I do not use the dark chocolate because some people in my family do not like it, so I just use the milk chocolate and it makes it so much more rich and yummy. I will also need to decide if I am going to make a brownie hand made to compare it to the Thermomix way but I do not think I will do that.

In my shotlist I have mainly included M.S (Mid shot) and C.U (Close up). Mainly because it does not make sense to have a L.S (Long shot) When I am cooking. I am only going to put some E.C.U (Extreme close up), in my film because it will not work having E.C.U in every shot because it will go very blurry, and it will not be a good quality film.

My next step is filming, I am going to start and finish filming sometime this weekend hopefully. It will only take 40 to 50 minutes max including cooking and prepping time. It will then give me more time to edit and that will make my film look so much more better I am really excited I cannot wait. 🙂🍉🍍

Shot list Planning Brownies-14sjuzd


Passion Project Schedule-1la7pgg








July 15

Passion Project # Feedback/Complete


I have finished my passion project at last and it has been awesome. I learnt so many tips and tricks from everyone like what I could do to get a better angle, or what I could do when editing. When I was editing my passion project I found so things that I could improve on in my hockey game to make me better.


My parents where the first people to watch my passion project and they really liked it. Mum really liked it but she gave some really good feedback, like to use some more editing techniques to enhance some of the pieces of footage. My Dad really liked it is well he gave me the same type of feedback that my mum gave me but he showed me how I could do it. When I showed my passion project to the class they all really liked how I edited it, they liked it how I made so of the clips different colours and how I put it in slow motion and then replayed it faster. The only thing they did not like was that I replayed one of the clips from the start at the end.

I improved my passion project by actioning the feedback that I got from my parents, the only reason why I did not action my classes feedback was because that was the only piece of footage I had to match my shot list.


My passion project did not turn out the way I expected it actually turned out so much better I added more editing techniques then I excepted is well. I feel so proud for what I have achieved with the passion project I thought it was going to turn out horribly but it turned out pretty well. If I had to improve anything it would be to manage my time better. I need to improve on using some different editing techniques because I used a lot of the same and I think it got kind of boring, also I think I need to work out where I should put in the effects, because I put them in random places and I think it got kind if wired. Though out this process I learnt so many different editing techniques that I can use next time. My favourite one is making something go in slow motion. I need to work on managing time better because I was managing it really well at the start of the term but then I got busy towards the end so I had to edit my passion project the day before it was due, and I had to film most things the week before it was due.

I really liked making my passion project it was really fun. Next term  am going to do cooking and I am going to make brownies because they taste so good. I am going to work on managing my time better so I can have more time to go over it.

July 14

Term 2 Reflection

Term 2 is almost over. I don’t know how I feel but I guess I am happy and sad. We now get to reflect on the term we have had.

TED Talk

The main four things I enjoyed where TED, Passion project, Maths and Drama.

TED stands for:

 T Technology                                                                                                                                                                                                 E Entertainment                                                                                                                                                                                           D Design

The reason I REALLY REALLY like TED because it is really personal to me and I had know troubles picking a topic, my topic is body image. TED has been an amazing. Today we got to show our TED story clips to multiple classes and teachers.

Everyone who came and listened to my TED Talk said it was really good. They really liked the topic I chose, they thought it was very important for people in my age group. They said it had a very strong message.

I ABSOLUTELY CAN NOT WAIT TILL NEXT TERM AND WE GET TO PREFORM OUR TED TALKS LIVE. I hope I get chosen to preform at the TED X performance after the first TED Talk performance.

Passion project

I really liked creating my passion project because I love hockey and that is what my passion project is on. My passion project turned out pretty well it defiantly turned out better than I expected. I learnt so many editing techniques while editing my passion project, like how to make the clip different colours, how to rewind or put a clip in slow motion. I really liked showing my passion project to my class and they liked it witch is good because it took forever to get all the pieces of footage.


I liked doing maths this term because I feel like I learnt so much more, and I feel like I am so much better at maths this term. We have 3 different types of maths in year 6. I like all of them.

Group Maths

I really like group maths because it is a lot of group work so that means you can work with someone, I also like it because it is based on your ability towards maths so it means if you are not the best you are not put with someone who is very good at maths. I also like the topics that we learn about.

Project Maths

I really like project maths because I like how after 4 to 5 session we change to a different game/problem. My favourite one this term was Knights tour. I really liked Knights Tour because it is like chess I am pretty good at chess.

Problem Solving Maths

I like problem solving maths because when you go home to do it at homework you can socialize with your parents because you are meant to have a grown up to help figure out the problem and you are meant to discuss it with your parents. The problems are also really cool because they get harder as you go on through out the term.


I absolutely love drama it is one of my favourite subjects and it is so sad that we can only have it for 1 semester. I loved all of the performances that we did in drama. The first performance we did was the lake and I got to memorise half the script witch was easier than I excepted. My groups performance was really good and so was everyone else’s. I won the drama award twice witch is a huge success I also got around 26 stickers witch is another success.

I can not believe the term is almost over I can not wait till term 3 begins and term 2 is over as much as I love school I need a rest so, so badly.

July 13

Reading Rant #3

Dead to you


Lisa McMann

This holidays I finished a book called Dead to you. It is about a boy named Ethan who was abducted from his front yard when he was just seven years old. Now, at sixteen, he has returned to his family.

It is a miracle… at first.

The tensions start to build, and his family is tearing apart all over again.If only Ethan could remember something, anything, about his life before, he’d be able to put the pieces back together.

But there’s something that’s keeping his memory blocked.

Something unspeakable…

I think the book comes under the categories of young adult, fiction and mystery. I think young adult because Ethan swears and it has a little bit of sexy talk in the book but it is under stander bull seeing it comes from a 16 year old boys point of view. Fiction because this could happen and has happened in real life so it is not made up, and mystery because there is a mystery that has to be solved and in the end it is.


I really, really liked this book it was exciting, engaging and it has twists you doo not expect coming. The book has about 5 or 6 swear words but the book is coming from a 16 year old boys point of view so it is a pretty expectable. The book is exciting because you do not know what is going to happen next and in some cases I have found myself agreeing with Ethan or in other words relating to him. The only thing I do not like about the book is that it ends on a cliff hanger and there were so many things that could have been explained that weren’t, witch I guess could have been good but I like to find out everything about the characters by the time the book is finished.


My favourite characters in the book were Ethan, Cami and Gracie. I really liked Ethan because he is the main character I can also relate to him on so many levels. He is really funny and I could not put the book down when something he was doing was engaging me so much. I really like Cami because she is very supportive of Ethan when he is going through a tough time. She also is very funny and is always looking for away to cheer everyone up. I really like Gracie because she is so innocent and she does not really under stand what is happening. She also try’s her hardest to make Ethan feel apart of their family again.

The character I did not like was Blake. I did not like Blake because he always trying to find away to get Ethan in trouble or prove something that will bit him in the bum  in the end of the book.

I would recommend this book to whoever likes a exciting book that is engaging and has twists and turns you do not except. Every character has a personality that you will grow to love or hate this book is also a great way to recognize somethings that can happen to people in real life.

I would give this book a 10/10 because it is a really engaging book that had me hooked when I read the title. This is a really great book.