June 16

Passion project #Editing

Last Thursday I got my last pieces of footage for my Passion project. It has been really hard to edit my Passion project because I just got my last pieces of footage and all the footage are all on different devices, Phones, iPads, Message etc. It was really hard to get all the footage because I had to find ways to collect all the potage and put it all on my laptop. Since I only just got my last pieces of potage on Thursday I still have not finished editing my Passion project.

What I have so far is very short but I am going to incorporate slow-motion effects so it increases the time on my film. Also I added in this one bit where I repeat the same footage but then I made it blue and I think that is really cool. I am also going to have rolling credits.

I used Adobe Premiere Pro to edit what I have so far of my Passion project. I really like using Adobe Premiere Pro because I think it has more variety when it comes to editing techniques then movie maker. If I run out of time I will finish my film in move maker though.

I think I have gone out of my comfort zone because I am going to use slow-motion, colour and rolling effects and if I find anything else I will use that is well. I also don’t often use effects in my films so I cannot wait to find out what it looks like.

I learnt that you can do so much more than you think on Premiere Pro it is like it has endless opportunities. I cannot wait till I learn how to use slow-motion.

June 8

Boy over board

Boy over board.


Boy over board is by Morris Gleitzman.

The book is about a Boy named Jamal and his family who leave there home Afghanistan. A story of adventure. Jamal and Bibi have a dream. To lead Australia to soccer glory in the next World Cup. Many times Jamal and Bibi get separated from their parents. Find out how Jamal and his family survive their incredible journey and get to Australia? Sometimes, to save the people you love, you have to go overboard.

I think the book is an action adventure type of book because there I a lot of action, bits when you think they are not going to survive, when you think one of them is going to die. Adventure because they have to find there way to Australia from Afghanistan, through the thick and thin, through big and small, they have to find there way.

My favourite parts in the story was when they meet Omar, at first Jamal meets him when Omar steals their ball. I like when they meet Rasheta because she is really nice to them, she gives them food and takes care of them. I also really like the fact that Bibi is actually better at soccer then Jamal because it really shows that girls are not worse then boy’s at sport.

The only thing I did not like was that at the end of the book because it just ended, there was know epilogue and there are more books but they have different characters in them and a different story. If they did a epilogue they could do what they are doing now and if there Dream came true.

My favourite character is Bibi because she is really funny with her mean names like ” camel snot”. She is also really brave and she is a better soccer player then her older brother Jamal, so it proves that girls can be better than boys.I did not like the sealer in the book because he was mean because he took the only bucket they had, he also did not give Rasheta any food.

I would recommend this book to whoever likes a book about soccer, Afghanistan and the rules they have, what refugees have to do to get from Afghanistan to Australia, how refugees can get to Australia, It also has a good hock and story line.

Out of 10i would give this book a 9/10 because it does not have a good ending it also drags on a bit. Other than that it is a really good book.


June 1

Problem Solving

This week at school we were given a new problem to solve, because we do not have a passion project blog post to do. We were all given different problems and this was mine:

On camp the students were lining up to collet their breakfast. There a re 50 students in front of Ned. Ned is hungry so he decides to move towards the front of the line. Each time one person would collect there food he would slip 2 students.

How many students will be given their food before Ned?

The way I worked this out is I figured out what 10 would be. Witch is 3 then multiplied that by 5 and you have your answer.

I think most people would think it is 5 spots for 10 but it is actually 3 because as you can see by that picture I drew on the App paint, I have the first round of 10 with is my example number witch means Ned moves up 2 spots and 1 other person collects their food so then they move out of the line.

So it would look like this.

So that would keep happening until the 10 is up. I know it is 3 for 10 because if you go up to my first working out, then you can see that if you go up 2 each time, and use you thumb to cover up the people how have gotten there food, then you can see the answer for 10 is 3.

Now if you multiple that by 5 because there are 5 lot’s of 10 in 50 the you get your total witch is:


This problem was really easy but really fun because I got to draw things on Paint it was also fun because I got to practices some easy but fun multiplication.

May 29

Win at the fair

For the past 3 lesson’s in project maths we have been looking at Win at the fair. Win at the fair is a game where you have a game board that look’s like a honeycomb, there are numbers that you can win all along the sides, you roll 2 dice and up the numbers and then that is the direction you move your counter.

In our first session we played the original game board and we recorded our findings and we put them on the weight board.

In the second session we compared 6A and 6C data,  we found out that the tally for the top one 122 so that’s how many rounds my class did and that’s how much money my class payed to play the game. Total is how much money we payed the “customers” witch was 183$. So in the end we won 61$.

In 6C data we found that there tally was 83 so that is how many games they played and how much money they payed to play the game. There total was 117.40 so that’s how much money they payed the “customers”. In the end they won 0$ so in other words they had to pay -34.4 of there own money to pay the “customers”.


In the second part of session 2 we got given the plain version of the original game board so there was no prize numbers or the dice direction on it. As a class we then thought up some rules that we could change to the game to help us make a profit off the game.

(Here is the list we rote down in our book)

When we went back to start drawing our game board I decided that the rules I were going to have were:

. $2 per game

.Re roll 50c

.5 rolls per game

I also changed the way the direction of the dice were going to go. It now looks like this:

After I did that I created my own game board and it looks like this:

Sorry it is not very clear.


I think this is a good game board because you have 3 chances to win $5 even though you can only win 1 of the 3 $5. You also have the chance to win $3 twice. There are some other number scatted around the game board. I played this game board 5 times and in each round I won 10c, so that means the stall owner would profit $1.90 for each of the 5 games I played.


In session 3 we had the chance to create our game board on maths 300. We went on Win at the fair and then clicked on change some prizes and rules and this is what it would come up with, the original game board.

I then changed the numbers to match with the game board I drew on paper. There were only a few problems that we had to a just to. As you can see by the picture above you cannot have any numbers in the middle of the honeycomb, only on the out side inline with the box’s were you can change the numbers that are on the out side of the honeycomb.

The second problem was that you cannot change the rules of the game so the means I could not put in my rules:

. $2 per game

.Re roll 50c

.5 rolls per game

The good news was that you could still change around the direction of the dice. So in the end my game board looked like this.

Well my first one anyway.

I do not think people would play my first version because you can ether win you money back, but you could win $5, or a bunch of different types of cents.

This is my data from my first game board that was on the laptop.

I do not think this is a good game board for the shop keeper ether because by my results the shop keeper had to pay 724.7 dollars of his/her own money witch is not good. 🙁

After I did this I new something had to change so I changed the prize money and the direction of the dice and this is what I got.


You cannot really see but my average pay out was 0.47c. So that means how much money I pay the customers each round. The shop keeper profited $526.6 in that round.

I did many more but I am only going to show you that one.

In today’s session witch is our 4 we got asked to try and raise $300 with our game boards I did this many different ways but I am only going to show one.

In this my game board looked like this:

In the data above you can see that the shop owner profited $675.7 and that is over $300. In this game the average payout was 0.32c so that means how much money went out per game.

I really enjoyed doing this in project maths I cannot wait till we do a new project.


May 27

Reading Rant #2

Everything, Everything


On Tuesday I finished Everything, Everything. Everything, Everything is, By Nicola Yoon and is about, Madeline suffers from a rare and famous disease called SCID. She lives in a metaphorical bubble she’s not allowed to leave her house. The only people she socializes with are her mother and her nurse, But one day new neighbours move in and it changes Madeline’s life forever. Everything, Everything is about the crazy risks we take for love.


I think the text type is: Family and friends Because there friends and family is involved and Romance Because 2 people fall in love (Main Character’s).


I really liked this book and especially the way it was written, because most young adult books and every other book that is not a picture book do not have pictures in it but this one does. It also has pretty short chapters. If you do not like those things about the text then you may not like the way the book is written.


My favourite characters in the book are,

Madeline I really like her because she is smart, kind, brave, determined etc.

Olly because he is brave, funny, kind, smart etc.

Carla (Nurse) Kind, caring, smart etc.

The character I sometimes do not like is Madeline’s mum because she kept a massive secret from Madeline her whole life. If you want to know what read the book.


I would recommend this book to whoever likes a book that you cannot stop reading, a book that you learn what it is like to have SCID or Bubble Baby as Madeline calls it, a book that proves people do crazy things for love.


Out of 10 I would give this book a 10/10 I loved this book so, so much and I am pretty shore whoever reads it will love it 2.

May 24

Passion Project #Production

In year 6 this term we are doing our first passion projects and I am up to the filming process. I am up to date and I am going to finish my filming on the weekend with.


I have not finished my project yet but I have made some good progress. I have filmed some things at the games and at training. I have picked the music that is going to be playing on the back ground, I have also written out the credits and my little outro.


I have not had very many challenges but some of them when we are training I have to, remember to bring my iPad to school and not lose it, randomly having to try and remember what I put in my blog so I can say,

“Oh could we please film this”

Trying to pick out the good bits of the filming that I have taken at the game because my nana took some photage from out side so I had to pick the good bits.

I over came these challenges bye picking out the good bits in the photage my nana took. Bring my iPad and giving it my coach at the start so when I ask her to film what we are doing I have extras in case I forget to film something.


I cannot wait till I can finish my filming this week and then I will be able to edit.


May 22

Birke Baehr’s TED Talk

Today in inquiry we were looking at Birke Baehr’s TED Talk , because we are going to be doing our own TED Talks. We have to annotate his TED Talk like Richard Turere and Thomas Suarez . I am really excited because he is alerting kids and adults, to where our food is coming from.

I think his main message, or the point he is trying to get across is that, food companies use bright colours to make kids get there parents to buy the product, chemicals are put on top of the food to make these foods appealing to young kids, In labs they make genetically engineered seeds that combine things that are not in an actual seed.

“Like a tomato mixed with a fish”

He got his message across by making personal references, images, making the audience laugh and engaging them by shocking them with facts.

The technical support that he used was a microphone to project his voice and images that were projected onto a screen to enhance his performance.

I think he spoke really clearly and enhanced his performance by using hand gestures.

Sometimes I felt like he was talking way too fast and his hand gestures were a bit over used.

Other than that it was a really good TED Talk.





May 21

Digital Etiquette


Today in Triple R we are looking at Digital citizenship but more importantly Etiquette.

Etiquette means to do the right thing online and to be polite. Netiquette is a set of rules or how to behave online. The video we watched was really good and I think there main audience was kids, I think it was kids because it was animated and kid friendly.

One of the things they talk about and really got my attention was bad things online. Sometimes people lose control online and send IMs, IM stands for instant message, witch means it goes strait to the person you want to send it to. Another one are TROLLS. Trolls look for targets on the internet and try to start fight so if someone targets you on the internet ignore them and report them. Sometimes people forget they are dealing with really people online and they say stuff they don’t mean to.

When Tim says Once your message is out, it’s out? I think he means that once you post something on social media even if you delete someone could of screen shotted it or rea posted it so it is always out there.



I think the main message was to think before you do online because sometimes you can really hurt people.




May 19

Richard Turere TED Talk

Today we are watching another TED Talk and it is by Richard Turere. His TED Talk is about his invention he made to keep the lions from killing there live stock, without killing the lions.

I think that his main messages are that kids are really smart is well because as a young teen he created an invention that no adult thought of. He also found a way to protect there live stock without harming a protected species.

He got his messages across bye using images, one thing I noticed was that he used more images then Thomas Suarez witch made it more powerful. He also made the audience laugh witch makes it more engaging.

The technical support he used was the remote witch controlled the T.V witch had the images on it. He also had his microphone witch projected his voice.

I think he spook pretty clearly especially because English is not his first language also I really liked his photos. Some of them were a little bit graphic but I think that just made them better.

All in all I really think his TED Talk was one of the best TED Talks I have seen. His TED Talk was really inspiring.