French Culture



I chose the country France because I’ve always liked and been interested in the country.


Some differences between Australia is… Squeezing someone’s hands tight in a handshake is known to be highly impolite and offensive.  Also hitting a closed  first with a open has should be highly avoided.

 There are a few things that we have in common with France and they are… When meeting someone you should shake their hand. Also there is people are only aloud inside your house if they are invited.

If I lived in the French culture the most challenging thing would be to… eating snails and frog feet. I would prefer not to eat the snails and frogs because I just don’t thing its a normal thing to do for me.

Honestly I think the French culture is really wonderful and formal with there approaches and appearances.  Some of the things I found really surprised me, like how the French try to limit other culture because the think that because it’s there country and they deserve to live there.


I hoped you learnt a little from this blog post and the progress of the learning about other cultures and countries. I think its a great way to teach yourself about cultures that you’ve never heard of and countries you have but want to learn more.


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My highlights were… Ted and making my passion project

My accomplished goal is… Getting a tad better in maths

My goal for next term is… To be alright at maths

I was pleased about… Completing my ted talk

I would like to improve on… Math

So That’s my Term reflection






Passion Project sharing

Today we watched The other passion projects. Asha’s was really good and she can do really cool tricks. Olli’s would have been good except he wasn’t there to answer any questions and I didn’t get the point. Hannah’s was good. Jacks Was good but some parts dragged on to long.