July 14

china and Rome reflection


  • Qin Shi Huangdi was the first empire
  • 1.9 billion people live in china
  • Qin Shi Huangdi made a terracotta army to protect him in the after life
  • 2 million people died in Qin Shi Huangdi revolution


  • poor people had not very many rights


December 6

learning goals

Describe: I practised my violin every day.(< goal 1)I read nearly every day.(< goal 2)I did some of my homework during the week and some on the weekend.(< goal 3)

Feel: I feel that I have completed goal 1 and nearly goal 2 but I need work on goal 3.

Evaluate: the only problem I had was that I had no motivation.

Analyse: to overcome my problem for goal 1 every time I practised I got some chocolate, for goal 2 I read every day and then I talked about what happened in it to my mum (I like talking about stuff I like)

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November 30

short film

This week we are making a shot film because we are locking up the equipment for the end of the year. We had to get into groups and choose a theme. I’m working with Ella, brook, Darcey, Montana and Alyssa. Our theme is reality and comedy. Our show is called “the real house wife’s of Geelong collage”.

These are our fake names

Ella = Kendall gates

Brooke = Rihanna Adams

Darcey = Niki Pines

Emily guest sister of Alyssa = Laquisha Hampton

Alyssa= Kylie Hampton

Montana- Britany Bank’s


This is our plan for the opening credits and scene 2

Scene 1-

All of the housewife’s in front of the green scene.

All in a poses for the opening shoot.

Holding the Geelong College symbol


Scene 2-

Previously on real house wife’s of Geelong College

Rihanna saying- previously on real house wife’s of Geelong College

Kendall and Niki got a fight about how Kendall went off with Niki’s husband.

And then Niki found out. It all went downhill from there. While footage of them fighting playing

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November 28

photo challenge

Photography Challenge: The theme for this week is water. Post one photo to your blog including the theme and a brief caption. Get creative. Utilise your photographic skills. Show off.



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November 28

learning goals

these are my new learning goals for this fortnight:

  1. be really good at violin for my violin exam next week.
  • I am going to do this by practicing all my songs, scales, arpeggios and exercises everyday.
  • this one is new but I have still been practicing it so I’m good but I can be better.

2. get better at reading

  • I am going to do this by reading everyday and reading harder books.
  • I need a lot of work on this one.

3. do better homework

  • I am going to do this by doing and posting my homework during the week not just on the weekend.
  • I need some work on this one.


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November 28

reading log

Book Review: We have studied review writing this year. Choose one of the books you have read this year and write a review of it. Remember to include all the sections that make up an effective review e.g. background information, brief story synopsis, discussion of key themes/messages, your opinion with supporting reasons and maybe a rating.

Zelda ocarina of time part 1 and 2 are my favorites. (I did them together because they are the same story)they are about a boy named link and he lives in Hyrule and he has to travel back and forth though time fighting monsters and so he can stop Ganon from taking over the world. they are my favorites because they have a lot of action and they are never boring and they have time travel that doesn’t end badly. another reason is they have lots of suspense.

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