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Russia cultures
    Russia is very different place to Australia like it has show take most people in Russia is non-believers and the population is 142,355,415 [...]
this is our new #PP project if you do know about what I did last year I did a film of aliens but now I am making a “Rip-Tire” if you have no [...]
If you have no idea what OTTT means it means our town though time it is a project that you in a group and you have to reshoed a topic on Geelong the place [...]
The Lost Princess
today in triple R we watch a video it was called “The Lost Princess” it was about cyber safety there was three kid Lucy Kieran and charlotte [...]
two-handed strike day 5
Oli S-2936x3c
win at the fair
for this lesson of math we played win at the fair it a game where for a dollar you can try and win money for the school I was not there on the day but [...]
Myself As A Reader
When I read like to read in quiet space with little noise around me I can handle music play or a TV in the background I do like to go to my bed room [...]
two hand stride
today in PE we were putting our skills to test by filming it and talking to the camera about what skill you were try out and what skill you are leaning [...]
Birke Baehr’s TED Talk
for this ted talk we watch a kid called Birke Baehr who was very pesante about a fresh food he thought when he was a kid that farm had pig that rolled in [...]
Richard Turere TED Talk
For this ted talk lesson we watch a kid called Richard Turere how made a devise that would scary away loins first idea he would use fire bad news it did [...]
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