Triple R

Term 2 over! Nearly, It has gone so fast. I am so looking forward to holidays, I have really enjoyed term 2 like doing passion projects and ted talks. Even though I have had trouble with editing but I think it has been really fun I have enjoyed learning to edit. Passion project has fun because it was something new, I have never done it before and look forward to doing it next term. Ted talks has been fun because I have learnt so much when I was watching the former year sixers doing the ted talk I really loved it.

My 3 goals are for next term is

Do remember to charge my laptop every night

Get homework done in time

Work with people I don’t usually work with

I have really enjoyed this term and look forward next term.

Digital Etiquette

Today in triple R we learnt about Digital Etiquette, we watched a video about Tim and Moby and how you react online. They taught us to ask permission before you post something online about your friends. You might find it funny but they might not like it as much as you. Netiquette is a set of rules on how to behave online, Tim said treat others the way you would like to be treated that’s the golden rule at our school.

Once you post something online you can not delete it, if it’s something mean but it is a joke or something else meant to be funny but the person who has mean posted online he could take the wrong picture so if you say your a loser they could take it the wrong way and they could get angry.

They also taught us if you right in caps that means your yelling. So if you say I CAN HEAR YOUR MUSIC FROM MY HOUSE but you accidently wrote in caps the person could misinterpret what your trying to say. They will think you are so angry and yelling at them.

Trolls are people that start fights and that could lead to flame wars which are fights that could brake heaps of relationships.

To communicate clearly hears 3 examples: Do not speak in caps,  Do not make fun of people online because you can delete it, if you have to tell a joke about someone speak face to face.

I had so much fun learning about Digital citizenship it was so much fun!

Me book

WIN_20160615_13_29_33_ProToday in tripple R we got to share our me books, I found out heaps about some people

Miles, he loves footy and surfing, he’s favourite holiday was Noosa and he loves rasberries.

Ted, he’s favourite holidays were Lawn, Figi, Hawaii, the snow, Noosa and Beverly Hills he loves geelong cats, LA Clippers Seattle Seahawks and LA Dodges.

Darcy, He loves soccer, skiing and motorbike riding. He’s favourite holiday was when he went to the snow.

Charlie goes for Hawthorn Hawks and he’s favourite sport is cricket and he loves a sleep in

Ella her favourite animal is a tiger. She loves chocolate, pasta, strawberries and blueberries and she loves hockey and netball.

Evie loves swimming and she loves dogs.

I have learnt alot about different people that I don’t talk to that much