Today instead of sewing because Mrs Watson wasn’t here we did robotics. We made another swing because someone stepped on our old swing, but our new one was better and didn’t have as much sticky tape on it. We worked in a different place because we needed hot glue to make sure the boxes stayed together because it would look better, heaps of people got hot glue on the fingers I accdently got some on my finger it hurt like really badly. Ted M broke our robot so we have to build it all again which is not that good



I’ve made a screen cast for my program. In term 4 design we are going to focus more in robotics. We had some choices for design to do line following, dance, scratch, crumpier bags, challenge mats and electronics. I chose dance and crumpier bags, we started with the dance. We got into groups of 4 and discussed what to do for our dance. We kept changing ideas like the scene, the costume, the music and the program, we thought of two trucks going to fight and the winner is going dance. But we have came up with a finalised plan at the park and we are going to make a truck running into a little kid on swing which took me 3 quaters period in a hawthorn jersey because our team hates hawthorn, theres going be a geelong supporter laughing at the hawthorn kid. Once it runs the kid it’s going to dance. The one bad thing about the dance is we have to dance beside the robot but i’m not going to be there for dance because i’m going away by week 8 and the competiton is in week 9, I’ll help my teamates as much as I can to make them win.

win_20161010_13_31_47_pro win_20161010_13_31_53_pro win_20161010_13_32_01_pro



In the design we did programing. The EV3 robot wasn’t working for a while so we worked out what we are going to do to program the robot. It was really cool because you control the speed, sterering and the wheel rotations. The wheel rotations were really hard to figure out because we didn’t know how many centermeters one full wheel rotation was.When it started to work kept on doing spins and it was awful so we thought about the problem and realised what the problem was one wheel wasn’t moving. This was a totally new thing for me I have learnt a ton of new things.




In design today we starting of lego robotics. The teachers chose our groups, I think I had the best group because they were my best friends, I was very excited to do something like this because I have never done robotics and I’m not really into technology that much but I’m really into robotics and programing and we are learning programing next lesson which is ver good really enjoyed building vbcbv