Me as a reader

In library we are learning about me as a reader. What it sounds like. It sounds  like everything is quiet, I get distracted very easily and I like it quiet. What it looks like, a nice quiet space where I can relax and read. What it feels like, everything is quiet and my mind is all relaxed. I am into sport, crime, action, adventure, comedy and horror.

A marathon of her own


Over the past 2 weeks we have read a book called A marathon of he ,it’s a true story. This is a wonderful book with heaps a detail, it explains what happened to this 12 year old called Sophia that had to leave there country Crete just an Island outside Greece because of the Civil War and it wasted all there money so that had to move to Australia in 1955 just before the Melbourne Olympics. They went to Athens, Eygpt and Clomobo. I think later in the story Sophia will really like living in Australia because she didn’t was very keen on leaving Crete. The characters are


Philo the diary

Chrisse the friendn’t

The Mum



Mrs and Mr Adonmu


This book has only started and it is going to keep getting better. I’ve learnt alot already.



My favourite genre is action, adventure, horror, comedy, mystery, crime, history and sport.

My favourite book in this genre is The Last Elephant.

My Reading Challenge this term is to read a fantasy book.