PE drop punt

In PE we have been continuing with the drop punt. We used Ipads to film us kicking, to be honest I could’ve done a bit better. Then we played a game of around the world, this guy connor was cheating all the way through because everyone got him out even though I was still in the game [I won]. This was one of my favourite games and we haven’t played it since year 3. I cannot wait until the next PE session.

Drop punt

Three teaching points

Try and kick on my opposite foot

Try drop the ball with one hand

Kick straight

These are my three teaching points and I look forward to have more fun and get better at kicking in the future.

Drop punt

In PE last week we learnt more about the drop punt. We had to learn about kicking of our non kicking foot. I have kinda learnt about kicking on my left foot, but I’m not good at kicking on my left neither my right. I’m really excited to learn more on kicking next PE lesson.