Passion Project 3


I haven’t been able to film because I have had a bye for the past 2 weeks but my dad is going film me on the weekend playing cricket. But I have a pretty good idea of my dad will film about. Fielding batting and bowling. I am so looking to finishing my passion project.

Passion Project

This term I will be doing cricket. I was thinking my dad will film when I’m playing cricket, my film will mainly focus on bowling, batting, fielding and maybe wicket keeping. My dad nearly comes to every cricket game and I think this should be no problem for him. He will be filming on the boundary while I play, he won’t get the best footage but it will do. I am very excited to be doing a film about cricket it should be very fun.

Passion Project

I am doing motorbike for my passion project term 3. I got heaps of my footage but I need a bit more. I have started my editing and I have progressed very well and I am nearly done. I have used lots of shots.

The jumps were covered in weeds of stuff so I got rid of them so I knew where I was going to land. In my film I am using slow motion for heaps of bits of footage.

I can’t wait to finish.

Passion Project

I think I will do motorbike riding for my second passion project. I really enjoy motorbike riding and I have some jumps around my property. I might get a gopro or I might invite a friend over to film while I do the jumps.

The jumps are covered with grass and weeds so I will not film straight away. I’ve got a KTM 65 2 STROKE. I have been riding a motorbike for a long time. I just will ride around my property doing jumps and stuff. The shots I’m going to use are C.U, L..S and M.S.

I am looking forward to continuing with this.

Passion Project

I really starting to love doing my passion project. Even though I have done it is really been fun. I think my editing has been okay, because I am not an expert. The shots I have used are F.S [full shot] M.S [mid shot]. It is not much but I think it will do, I have also used some texts on Premier pro, I did not know how to do it before. And I also somehow changed the volume of different videos.

I am excited to show the class. When I got all my filming done and on top the editing stage, I had no idea what I was doing. I did not know how to manage Premier Pro. That was the biggest challenge of the year for me, but I think that I adapted from that challenge and overcame it. Even though I still need some help from an expert [josh]. The thing I am most happy about is becoming an okay editor. It has been fun learning about Premier Pro, now I can edit in this future year.

Passion Project

I have nearly done my passion project! I need an expert to help me with something [josh]. I am really having trouble with editing because I had never used premier pro and I missed the film school session. But I  think I have done well, I am really happy with all my footage I think it goes well with my film. I uploaded all my footage from my phone onto my phone and no troubles uploading.

My phone has collected not the best footage but I think it will do. I think I have got plenty of footage of me driving and I think my film will be pretty good.

I cannot wait to finish and show grade 6 my film. I really love making this film it is so much fun. I think everyone loves doing filming and the rest.

Passion project


I Have started to film for my passion project. I am finding it VERY fun! With help from my friend ray who filmed me, and Monday morning I’m going to film then I will start editing. My project isn’t that long so my shotlist isn’t that long, my film will be only 45-1.45.

I’m not that good at editing so that might be a challenge for me, my friend ray is a very good driver and he taught me how to do cool tricks. I’m basically driving down a paddock going a round a non lit bonfire while dirt fills the air.

I’ve found some non copyright music that took me forever to find because there is so much non copy right music online it’s called Fade by NCS music.

I so excited to move on with this passion of mine and get it done, it will be so fun.

Passion Project

My passion project is about driving. The reason I chose it was, I love driving so much and everyone would probably do footy or cricket or basketball, I wanted to do something different from others.

I have a paddock bomb and a paddock, I can drive both manual and automatic but I am choosing to drive manual because it is more enjoyable. I will probably do donuts and other cool tricks.

 I think this will be very fun and I can’t to start filming.