Robot Olympics





In design we had to finish our programs and pick are events our group is doing 100m and the chariot race. The 100m is to long so we shortened it to 10m because it’s more suitable for us. The chariot race is when there is a tralier are’s unfortunatley broke so we had to rebuild it but we found some really big tires which is good. I had heaps of fun making this building and programing I can’t wait till the mini Robot Olympics.

We went in the gym to pratice for the real Robot Olympics. We had to prepare because the ground was different to the carpet, the ground was wood and hard.¬†Our group was preparing to master every event we did. We kept on praticing until is was just right. The gym was jam packed¬†with different groups, it took about 5 minutes to have a turn. I can not wait until the Robot Olympics tommorow it’s going to be so much fun.





The Robot Olympics was so much fun! I will show you a video that describes what happened.