Billiard Ball

In the past few lessons in project maths we have been focusing on a project called billiard ball. I have only had one lesson on this so I don’t really know anything about it. We had a pool table we customize it to make it bigger or smaller. We had to figure out how many bounces it will take to finally fall into a pocket, the ball bounced of the sides on a forty-five degree angle. Then we went onto the software and try to figure some rules. We had to insert the length and width into the software, so if I inserted thirty-two length and eighty-seven width that would be the size of the pool table. I found out some rules. If you put 1 as the length or width it the other number you put into the software, the total number of bounces will equal 1 less then the second number you put in. Example 1 by 57, it will equal 56. This only works with numbers 1-99. Another rule is if you put 2 into length or width, the total number of bounces will equal the same as the other number you put in. Example 2 by 35 it will equal 35. This only works with numbers 15-99.


Maths investigations

We started a new project last week and finished it two days ago 17/10/2017. It was called building views. On the first investigation sheet, we had to transfer the numbers 2D shapes into 3D shapes on paper. While working on front views and side views.  it said numbers 0-4 on a 4×4 grid,  example building number 1





We had to build the building,. Then we had to draw what we saw from the front view and the side view. My strategy was guess and check. I used this strategy because it helped me a lot, so when I finished the building I just built, I checked if it was right. so this strategy was very good. I worked by myself for this one because I found fairly easy. The thing that  was challenging for me, it was doing not that fast. I thought I should have done it quicker.

When you finished sheet one you moved on to investigation sheet two. The sheet two was way harder because you had find the maximum amount of blocks you could fit into the building. It is the opposite of sheet one because you have to look at the side view and the front view and you had to keep those views and make a birds eye view. The first thing you have to do on the second sheet is start with 15 blocks and keep the views. Josh, Darcy and Robbie. They helped me a lot so when I got a bit stuck they helped me. Building 1 max 20 min 6 variations 4.  Building 2 max 21 min 11 variations 37. building 3 max 17 min 7 variations 5. Building 4 max 20 min unknown variations unknown.

This activity was very fun and I loved it so much and I wait to continue with something like this.

Gauss Beats the teacher

We have focused on a maths activity called gauss beats the teacher. It’s when a dude is really smart and the teacher hates him and the teacher gives him a maths activity to keep him quiet an the teacher walks somewhere and walks back to the dude and he’s done. The activity was adding all the numbers 1-100 and see what it equals. My strategy was to 1-9 10-18 and so on to 90-99 and then finally add the 100.  Joe and I found out a pattern it goes up 81 like 45, 126, 207 etc. And the last digit of each number goes up 1 every time 45 126 207 etc. I used heaps of strategies like guess and check, solve a simpler problem and test all possible solutions.

We made shapes and drew them we tried to make them not to complicated and we found 2 solutions to figure how much blocks there were. I did [4×4]+[3×2]+3=25 My other way was [4×3]+[3×2]+7=25. We used BID MAS. Brackets, Indices, Division, Multiplication, Addition, Subtraction. We had a extension problem to find out how many evens there were and add them up. We found that there is 50 evens and so the answer is 2500 because it is half the 1-100 challenge.  So finished that as well.   I loved this problem and hope to do it again.


In maths we have been given a activity to solve a problem.

At first I didn’t understand the question but I read it a bit more carefully and then I understood the question way better. My strategy was guess and check, I used this strategy okay I think. It took me about 5-10 mins to figure this problem, my dad helped and his help was very helpful.

To be honest I am not looking forward to the next problem.

Magic Squares

In the last few sessions in project maths we focused on magic squares. Magic squares is really hard, t’s a 3×3 grid using numbers 1-9 every column, row and diagonal have to equal 15, there are 8 solutions, one of my friends found it has to equal 15 because 45 divided by 3 equals 15. My strategy was guess and check, I loved this strategy because it was really fun, everyone found this frustrating, every row and  column worked expect for one diagonal that happened to me heaps of times it was so annoying. I only found 2 on the first day. The next session everyone started working harder and trying some more strategies like break it smaller parts this worked for most people. But then people realised 5 had to be in the middle it doesn’t equal 15 if 5 is not in the middle. Miss Williamson told us to look for more patterns. So then we looked at our books and solutions to see if there more have to like the 5 in the middle then we found out all the even had to go in the corners and all the middle columns and rows contain odd numbers. I haven’t heard of magic squares before, I thought at first it looked like fays nines I think everyone did, the thing that was challenging it was that one or more row or column or diagonal one of the did not work it was so frustrating!!!!! I enjoyed being challenged and this very challenging. This maths activity was very fun, I think everyone loved it, I’m very happy because I found all of the solutions.

Fays nines

The last few sessions in project maths we focused on fay nines. I knew nothing about this because I’ve never heard of it before, fays nines is maths activity and there is 3 rows and you have to make the first column equal eight, the second column has to equal eighteen and the last column has to equal nineteen. The first two column carry the 1 so they equal nine and nineteen that’s the whole point of the maths activity to equal 999 using numbers 1-9, The first time I was very confused I didn’t get how to do it, it’s confusing at the start but once you get the hang of it , it’s easy. Everyone tried to swap the numbers around like the seven and the eight but miss Williamson said that doesn’t count because it is not a unique solution, and that was the pattern I was working on so I had to change my way of working on the problem. You can’t swap the numbers in the same column but can swap numbers in the same row, this was very hard until everyone got the hang of it. I loved learning about fays nines it was very fun and I hope to do it again.

Week 6 Reflection

Last week we had a ton of exciting events like swimming, some maths we haven’t done before and design.


We did a 4,5,6 intesive swimming program. We got put in lane groups but the groips weren’t based on the talent expect for lane 8. The one thing that is reallly bad is we missed recess, when I dived sometimes my goggles came of while I was diving but not of the diving board it was for freestyle. Diving of the diving board was my favourite activity out of the swimming program. To start of the diving we did pin drops and the after frontflips of the ground into the pool then we got to the frontflips of the diving board. I think I have improved my talent the this program. It’s been really fun!


In maths yesterday we were focusing on probability. An example of probability is like the weather theres a 50% it’s going to be sunny we have to 3 other examples of probability like theres a 40% OKC Thunder are going to win the NBA Champinship Theres a 20% Australia are not going to win the test series against South Afriaca  there is a 60% it’s going to be a good summer. We got 3 circles and cut them out, there was 2 unfair and 1 fair our class got orange crayons then we coloured them in, with the fair we had to do an even circle I did 4 quarters and with the other circles I did 3 quarters and a third to make it uneven then we got these plastic spinners and put the paper spinners in the plastic spinner and spin it 10 times then collect the spins like my even circle 5 out of 5 which is the best result you get my others were 3 out of 7 and 2 out of 8. We stuck sticky notes on the paper spinners, we chose 1 uneven and stuck it on the wall from worst result to best result, then spun each others and see if the result were right. I enjoyed this maths lesson.




This week we have been working on crumpier bags. We got a nearly done I only have to do a few more stiches and put on the valcroe, my partner has kept on making the sewing machine not work and completly hogging the sewing machine as well! But I only have to unpick twice but I am on the bottom of the bag sewing the end and then folding it then sewing it again. All I have to do is the valcroe, Mrs Watson is going to sew a little hole at the very top. I have enjoyed this week!

Towers Of Hanoi

Last week in maths we focused on the Towers Of Hanoi. The rules were you could only move 1 square at time and there couldn’t be a bigger square on top of a smaller square. There were 3 needles and 5 circles or squares, we started off with 4 squares to get used to it but my partner and I forgot about and started with 5 by accident. The aim was to get it in 15 moves with 4 it was impossible to get anything below, we did quite easily but others struggled with it but everyone eventually got it. You have to move everything square to complete the task at one stage we thought we had it in something like 12 because we forgot to move the big square.


1 square = 1 move

2 = 3

3 = 7

4 = 15

5 = 31

This has been really fun I enjoyed this maths last week.


MATHS Olympics 100m




In maths we talked about Usain Bolt winning the 100m mens sprint, he’s time was 9.80, I got the little movie and shortened the clip because it went for 3 minutes. We thought about how many steps he took, I watched the clip very slow so I could see his steps it was 41.5. Every step he took was 2.41. I could long jump 3 meters thats amazing, little guys would have to take more steps and when the foot hits the ground it create friction it slows you down, tall guys would take big steps like Usain Bolt so that would mean less friction. Some other guys took over 50 steps