Camcorders and Camera Angles



After my first Inquiry session I chose filming. We talked about all these things that are crucial bits to a film in every video. Firstly, the shots are probably the of the one most important things in filming. I took some notes here they are. The Frame Border everything around it has to be smaller than the big show that your meant to be looking at otherwise the viewer will not know where to look. The Shots C.U means close up shot, E.C.U, Extreme close up F.S, Full shot M.S Mid E.S establishing shot which is crucial because it sets the scene like a pano. Then probably the another bit of filming the movement, zoom is when you zoom in or out on the actors face. Tracking is when the camera follows the actor so the cameraman does not stay still. A dolly is where the actor and the cameraman move together and the last one a panning is where the cameraman moves the camera left to right like a pano. Now I think the third most important part in filming is the angles there is H.A. High angle A L.A low angle and the last one an O.H. overhead angle Then after that we went outside and tried these things around with the try pod. Everyone had fun and I learnt how to put a camera on a try pod. I love inquiry because I learn so much.

Point and shoot

We learnt about point and shoot this inquiry session. That’s what I chose because you get to choose 3 things. We saw a slide show here is what we learnt about the slide show. Positioning, balancing the photo with the objects around it. Also framing like our group did in our photos on the top and lots more. The moto was this make the ordinary extraordinary I loved that moto. Then we went outside to take photos. First when we went outside I pointed out the staircase and you could put a picture into a frame from the bars on the staircase but then Ted pointed out the gates so we saw them and also I pointed out the tree in between the gates so that’s what he took a picture of. We took more photos but I chose that one to talk about. You can see the other photos that we took up the top of this writing. I learnt how to explore photos in all different varieties. I loved this inquiry session.

Why make a film?

Why make a film? Today was are first lesson of inquiry this in and we focussed on one question. Why make a film? Here are a few examples entertainment, money, education, hobbies etc. You have to have a reason to make a film like a message and just like a book always does, there is no point making a film with no message if a reason is included in a film then there’s heaps of stuff you can write about, like to get a point across or to persuade someone and to teach someone to use something or do something like kick a footy, to work a camera etc. The year six teachers told us heaps of info and showed us some of the past year sixers they all had a message. The year sixers were about showing how to work a camera and a basketball film about not giving up. I learnt heaps I loved this session of inquiry.