Passion Project 3


I haven’t been able to film because I have had a bye for the past 2 weeks but my dad is going film me on the weekend playing cricket. But I have a pretty good idea of my dad will film about. Fielding batting and bowling. I am so looking to finishing my passion project.

Billiard Ball

In the past few lessons in project maths we have been focusing on a project called billiard ball. I have only had one lesson on this so I don’t really know anything about it. We had a pool table we customize it to make it bigger or smaller. We had to figure out how many bounces it will take to finally fall into a pocket, the ball bounced of the sides on a forty-five degree angle. Then we went onto the software and try to figure some rules. We had to insert the length and width into the software, so if I inserted thirty-two length and eighty-seven width that would be the size of the pool table. I found out some rules. If you put 1 as the length or width it the other number you put into the software, the total number of bounces will equal 1 less then the second number you put in. Example 1 by 57, it will equal 56. This only works with numbers 1-99. Another rule is if you put 2 into length or width, the total number of bounces will equal the same as the other number you put in. Example 2 by 35 it will equal 35. This only works with numbers 15-99.