Passion Project

This term I will be doing cricket. I was thinking my dad will film when I’m playing cricket, my film will mainly focus on bowling, batting, fielding and maybe wicket keeping. My dad nearly comes to every cricket game and I think this should be no problem for him. He will be filming on the boundary while I play, he won’t get the best footage but it will do. I am very excited to be doing a film about cricket it should be very fun.

Maths investigations

We started a new project last week and finished it two days ago 17/10/2017. It was called building views. On the first investigation sheet, we had to transfer the numbers 2D shapes into 3D shapes on paper. While working on front views and side views.  it said numbers 0-4 on a 4×4 grid,  example building number 1





We had to build the building,. Then we had to draw what we saw from the front view and the side view. My strategy was guess and check. I used this strategy because it helped me a lot, so when I finished the building I just built, I checked if it was right. so this strategy was very good. I worked by myself for this one because I found fairly easy. The thing that  was challenging for me, it was doing not that fast. I thought I should have done it quicker.

When you finished sheet one you moved on to investigation sheet two. The sheet two was way harder because you had find the maximum amount of blocks you could fit into the building. It is the opposite of sheet one because you have to look at the side view and the front view and you had to keep those views and make a birds eye view. The first thing you have to do on the second sheet is start with 15 blocks and keep the views. Josh, Darcy and Robbie. They helped me a lot so when I got a bit stuck they helped me. Building 1 max 20 min 6 variations 4.  Building 2 max 21 min 11 variations 37. building 3 max 17 min 7 variations 5. Building 4 max 20 min unknown variations unknown.

This activity was very fun and I loved it so much and I wait to continue with something like this.