The topic I want to focus on is GFC. I really love footy and the Geelong cats is my favourite team so I really want to focus on the topic. We think we are going to get a private tour by one of the Geelong cats players. We are going to interview him.

I want to look at the stadiums the cats has had. They have had 4 stadiums, Church Hill, Argyle, Corio Oval and Kardinia park.

The other thing I want to look at is famous Geelong players like Carji Greeves, Gary Ablett and Joe Slater etc. And how the big the impact they have left on Geelong.

This has been really fun and I am very excited to be doing this amazing project. And I can’t wait to see my finished product.


Passion Project

I think I will do motorbike riding for my second passion project. I really enjoy motorbike riding and I have some jumps around my property. I might get a gopro or I might invite a friend over to film while I do the jumps.

The jumps are covered with grass and weeds so I will not film straight away. I’ve got a KTM 65 2 STROKE. I have been riding a motorbike for a long time. I just will ride around my property doing jumps and stuff. The shots I’m going to use are C.U, L..S and M.S.

I am looking forward to continuing with this.

Gauss Beats the teacher

We have focused on a maths activity called gauss beats the teacher. It’s when a dude is really smart and the teacher hates him and the teacher gives him a maths activity to keep him quiet an the teacher walks somewhere and walks back to the dude and he’s done. The activity was adding all the numbers 1-100 and see what it equals. My strategy was to 1-9 10-18 and so on to 90-99 and then finally add the 100.  Joe and I found out a pattern it goes up 81 like 45, 126, 207 etc. And the last digit of each number goes up 1 every time 45 126 207 etc. I used heaps of strategies like guess and check, solve a simpler problem and test all possible solutions.

We made shapes and drew them we tried to make them not to complicated and we found 2 solutions to figure how much blocks there were. I did [4×4]+[3×2]+3=25 My other way was [4×3]+[3×2]+7=25. We used BID MAS. Brackets, Indices, Division, Multiplication, Addition, Subtraction. We had a extension problem to find out how many evens there were and add them up. We found that there is 50 evens and so the answer is 2500 because it is half the 1-100 challenge.  So finished that as well.   I loved this problem and hope to do it again.