Passion Project

I really starting to love doing my passion project. Even though I have done it is really been fun. I think my editing has been okay, because I am not an expert. The shots I have used are F.S [full shot] M.S [mid shot]. It is not much but I think it will do, I have also used some texts on Premier pro, I did not know how to do it before. And I also somehow changed the volume of different videos.

I am excited to show the class. When I got all my filming done and on top the editing stage, I had no idea what I was doing. I did not know how to manage Premier Pro. That was the biggest challenge of the year for me, but I think that I adapted from that challenge and overcame it. Even though I still need some help from an expert [josh]. The thing I am most happy about is becoming an okay editor. It has been fun learning about Premier Pro, now I can edit in this future year.

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