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Win at the fair is a game we have been focusing in project maths. Win at the fair is a game when you roll two dice and you move somewhere based on what number your rolled. When we started learning about win at the fair the price was to play $1. The money you could win was 20c 50c $1 $2 $3 $4 $5. This did not work out we lost more money then we made. So we made changes and modified the game board to see if this will be profitable. I think everyone’s game board made money, on maths 300 we could only change prices and the arrows leading to heaps different prices. But you couldn’t change the price to play the game it had to stay one dollar and you couldn’t make any rules, one of my rules was if you roll doubles you have to start again and pay again I thought that rule would really help making money for the school. We also had to make it fair so people would play the game and will be able to win money.

This is the most amount of money you can possible lose so this is the worst game board ever! I think anyone will play this game.

 This is my best game board it profited 53c every game played out of 1000

This is my first draft of a game board. I think this profited money I can’t really remember.

 This was my most successful game board. I think really deeply and thought can I make a board with good prices so people would play it. I was curious to see if it will work and I experimented it payed of. I played about 15 and the best average was like 45c and the most I lost was like about 60c. I asked a few people to see if my game board will be make money they said yes and that board is pretty good. They were right! It was a pretty good game board.

I loved focusing on win at the fair it was so much fun and I cant wait to look at my next problem for project maths. I loved these weeks of Win at the fair.

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  1. I like how you included an example of an unsuccessful game board Oisi. Your blog post clearly demonstrates your curiosity and learning during the Win At The Fair project. Well done.

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