Birke Bhear

Another lesson in inquiry and another ted talk. This time it was about this guy named Birke Bahear. He was talking buying organic food from local supermarkets or from local farmers. To be honest I really hated this TED talk because he didn’t engage me and I hated his idea.

His message was to stop buying food with bad chemicals that wasn’t treated. He was really passionate about his idea, so he was talking loud and proud, he didn’t look he was forced to talk about his idea. He was loving it.

He wanted to be an NFL player but he said that he wanted to be something that involves changing the way food is made and is transported a few hundreds of miles just to bring food to supermarkets. He also said that corn is in everything and corn has a bad chemical in it. He did use technical support to help get his point across including pictures and the thing I liked about his TED talk was he didn’t look behind at the screen. So he kept the audience engaged with eye contact. He also moved around the stage a bit so he didn’t stay at the one spot. He didn’t sprint across the stage and jump around or go down to the audience. He moved around a few meters.

I really disliked his TED talk but I loved his structure and his ways to engage the audience. I look forward to more TED talks. But I liked learning about food had heaps of chemicals.

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