Passion project


I Have started to film for my passion project. I am finding it VERY fun! With help from my friend ray who filmed me, and Monday morning I’m going to film then I will start editing. My project isn’t that long so my shotlist isn’t that long, my film will be only 45-1.45.

I’m not that good at editing so that might be a challenge for me, my friend ray is a very good driver and he taught me how to do cool tricks. I’m basically driving down a paddock going a round a non lit bonfire while dirt fills the air.

I’ve found some non copyright music that took me forever to find because there is so much non copy right music online it’s called Fade by NCS music.

I so excited to move on with this passion of mine and get it done, it will be so fun.

6 thoughts on “Passion project

  1. I really liked your post and I like how you have already picked out your music. I also like how you explained your challenges coming up with your editing

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