Win at the fair


Win at the fair is a game we have been focusing in project maths. Win at the fair is a game when you roll two dice and you move somewhere based on what number your rolled. When we started learning about win at the fair the price was to play $1. The money you could win was 20c 50c $1 $2 $3 $4 $5. This did not work out we lost more money then we made. So we made changes and modified the game board to see if this will be profitable. I think everyone’s game board made money, on maths 300 we could only change prices and the arrows leading to heaps different prices. But you couldn’t change the price to play the game it had to stay one dollar and you couldn’t make any rules, one of my rules was if you roll doubles you have to start again and pay again I thought that rule would really help making money for the school. We also had to make it fair so people would play the game and will be able to win money.

This is the most amount of money you can possible lose so this is the worst game board ever! I think anyone will play this game.

 This is my best game board it profited 53c every game played out of 1000

This is my first draft of a game board. I think this profited money I can’t really remember.

 This was my most successful game board. I think really deeply and thought can I make a board with good prices so people would play it. I was curious to see if it will work and I experimented it payed of. I played about 15 and the best average was like 45c and the most I lost was like about 60c. I asked a few people to see if my game board will be make money they said yes and that board is pretty good. They were right! It was a pretty good game board.

I loved focusing on win at the fair it was so much fun and I cant wait to look at my next problem for project maths. I loved these weeks of Win at the fair.

Passion Project

I have nearly done my passion project! I need an expert to help me with something [josh]. I am really having trouble with editing because I had never used premier pro and I missed the film school session. But I  think I have done well, I am really happy with all my footage I think it goes well with my film. I uploaded all my footage from my phone onto my phone and no troubles uploading.

My phone has collected not the best footage but I think it will do. I think I have got plenty of footage of me driving and I think my film will be pretty good.

I cannot wait to finish and show grade 6 my film. I really love making this film it is so much fun. I think everyone loves doing filming and the rest.

PE drop punt

In PE we have been continuing with the drop punt. We used Ipads to film us kicking, to be honest I could’ve done a bit better. Then we played a game of around the world, this guy connor was cheating all the way through because everyone got him out even though I was still in the game [I won]. This was one of my favourite games and we haven’t played it since year 3. I cannot wait until the next PE session.

Birke Bhear

Another lesson in inquiry and another ted talk. This time it was about this guy named Birke Bahear. He was talking buying organic food from local supermarkets or from local farmers. To be honest I really hated this TED talk because he didn’t engage me and I hated his idea.

His message was to stop buying food with bad chemicals that wasn’t treated. He was really passionate about his idea, so he was talking loud and proud, he didn’t look he was forced to talk about his idea. He was loving it.

He wanted to be an NFL player but he said that he wanted to be something that involves changing the way food is made and is transported a few hundreds of miles just to bring food to supermarkets. He also said that corn is in everything and corn has a bad chemical in it. He did use technical support to help get his point across including pictures and the thing I liked about his TED talk was he didn’t look behind at the screen. So he kept the audience engaged with eye contact. He also moved around the stage a bit so he didn’t stay at the one spot. He didn’t sprint across the stage and jump around or go down to the audience. He moved around a few meters.

I really disliked his TED talk but I loved his structure and his ways to engage the audience. I look forward to more TED talks. But I liked learning about food had heaps of chemicals.

Richard Turere Ted talk

In inquiry we learnt more about TED Talks. This time it was Richard Turere and he was talking about his invention. He was talking about keeping lions away from eating cows.

First of all he tried to light a fire and keep them away but it was actually helping the lions by to see where the cows are.

Second time he tried a scarecrow on the first night the lions didn’t come, the second night it didn’t work because the lions realised it did not move. So that doesn’t work.

One night he was walking around with a torch and then he realised that lions are scared of a moving light and he used that knowledge to build a flashed that kept on blinking in the night and that tricked the lions, so the lions thought it was moving so they got really scared and never came again. The third time lucky, it worked!

Nearly everybody in that lives around him heard about the invention and everyone asked him if he can do the same thing at there house because there cattle or sheep or anything else was getting eaten by lions. So his invention really helped Kenya and he got a scholarship to a good school and that really helped with his dreams when grows up.

His next idea is to build a electric fence and first time he tried to build it he got an electric shock but he still wishes to build an electric fence.

I really liked his idea and it worked so good. I can not wait to do a TED talk. I loved this session of inquiry!


In maths we have been given a activity to solve a problem.

At first I didn’t understand the question but I read it a bit more carefully and then I understood the question way better. My strategy was guess and check, I used this strategy okay I think. It took me about 5-10 mins to figure this problem, my dad helped and his help was very helpful.

To be honest I am not looking forward to the next problem.

Me as a reader

In library we are learning about me as a reader. What it sounds like. It sounds  like everything is quiet, I get distracted very easily and I like it quiet. What it looks like, a nice quiet space where I can relax and read. What it feels like, everything is quiet and my mind is all relaxed. I am into sport, crime, action, adventure, comedy and horror.

Digital Etiquette

Today in triple R we learnt about Digital Etiquette, we watched a video about Tim and Moby and how you react online. They taught us to ask permission before you post something online about your friends. You might find it funny but they might not like it as much as you. Netiquette is a set of rules on how to behave online, Tim said treat others the way you would like to be treated that’s the golden rule at our school.

Once you post something online you can not delete it, if it’s something mean but it is a joke or something else meant to be funny but the person who has mean posted online he could take the wrong picture so if you say your a loser they could take it the wrong way and they could get angry.

They also taught us if you right in caps that means your yelling. So if you say I CAN HEAR YOUR MUSIC FROM MY HOUSE but you accidently wrote in caps the person could misinterpret what your trying to say. They will think you are so angry and yelling at them.

Trolls are people that start fights and that could lead to flame wars which are fights that could brake heaps of relationships.

To communicate clearly hears 3 examples: Do not speak in caps,  Do not make fun of people online because you can delete it, if you have to tell a joke about someone speak face to face.

I had so much fun learning about Digital citizenship it was so much fun!

Thomas Suarez TED Talks

Today in Inquiry were learning about TED Talks. Ted stands for

T technology

 E entertainment

D design

A TED Talk is a topic about something that interest the person and they choose to speak about, it could be to talk about cancer and how dangerous it is and persuade people to donate money to a cure or a charity. Thomas Suarez Kept his audience entertained by making them laugh a couple. To be honest I didn’t like his because I wasn’t interested, i’m not into technology I would be more entertained if it was sport. I loved learning about TED talks and i’m very excited to continue with it.

Passion project


I Have started to film for my passion project. I am finding it VERY fun! With help from my friend ray who filmed me, and Monday morning I’m going to film then I will start editing. My project isn’t that long so my shotlist isn’t that long, my film will be only 45-1.45.

I’m not that good at editing so that might be a challenge for me, my friend ray is a very good driver and he taught me how to do cool tricks. I’m basically driving down a paddock going a round a non lit bonfire while dirt fills the air.

I’ve found some non copyright music that took me forever to find because there is so much non copy right music online it’s called Fade by NCS music.

I so excited to move on with this passion of mine and get it done, it will be so fun.