Film school reflection

In inquiry this term we have been the first grade to experience film school. I think this was a fantastic experiment because we learnt so much every day on how to make a film. I have enjoyed film school because they made it very fun so it was not boring they added so cool facts that everyone thought was interesting. My favourite clinic was the green screen because it looked so sick and it didn’t look like a green screen at all. I loved every clinic but that was my most favourite. My biggest learning experience was probably how to work the cameras, mics and premier pro, it was really hard for me while we were doing our instructional films because I missed the editing film school session but l learnt very quickly. The mics I had no Idea how to use them but Mr Henderson taught me and I learnt very quickly as well. I never knew how to use the cameras but thanks to the teachers they taught me how to use it probably and how to put on the mics and heaps more. My biggest challenge was to keep up with all the blog posts because we had 2 sessions a week and if you don’t do a blog post and there’s on more clinic tomorrow and you don’t do it, the blog posts keep piling up. Maybe do a PowerPoint instead of a blog post because bog posts are really boring sometimes but PowerPoints are much more fun. If I was a teacher I would change doing as much blog posts and have more sessions of blogging in school times because heaps of people got caught behind and struggle. I would get rid of homework because heaps of people have heaps of other stuff on like sport and they have to stay up late to finish there homework. I have really enjoyed film school and I think the year sixers next year will really enjoy film school. The experiment has worked.

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