The other day in film school was my last clinic and hopefully I can get my directors hat. The clinic I did today was the editing clinic. We used the same programming system by adobe as we did for the green screen clinic it was premier pro cc. This is how you edit. First when you start editing you have to make sure that you download your footage on to your desktop before you start editing it. This is because the program will not react to the footage unless it is on your desktop. Then when you have put your footage on to the editing part you need to trim the video how you want it to fit in with music or something else in the film. Next is the scroll bar in time line that is for slotting in different footage in the film to put in film like music, a title or more footage. After that is speed and duration that is for making the footage faster or slower. An example is time laps that is make footage faster. When you use this the time of the film will increase or decrease. Then volume control that is to make the footage louder or softer. You can also mute the footage’s sound so you can just hear the backing track of music. I loved learning about editing and I can’t wait to use it for my films.

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