Zoom Camera

The other day in inquiry I chose to start learning about zoom camera. We did the clinics in classes so I was with all my classmates since there were so many camera clinics everyone thought that it was the end of the camera sessions but it there was another camera session which is called a zoom camera. The zoom camera is not a name for the camera so it can zoom in really well. The only bad thing about zooming in is the audio, the audio is not as good. These are the differences to the other cameras they are touch screen, there were a different shape, the audio, the mic is round so it picks up all the sounds around it. Also the wind sock is really good even the teacher went under the fan and you could not hear one little sound of the fan running on full speed. There is no hand strap you need to always have it hooked on to the try pod because if you drop it, it will damage the camera. The hood on the end of the camera prevents the sun spearing into the lens and when you put the camera away you need to put the lens on. This camera is a wide angled lens so that means it will have a wide frame like a go pro. You must have headphones with this camera because it will be easier to hear. The light on the camera will go red if you speak to loud. The mic is on the camera so you don’t need to use the shotgun mic you can use this camera. I found working this camera out challenging but I eventually got there. I learnt many things but this is one of them the camera is touch screen and I have not seen many cameras that are touch screen. I loved this of inquiry I learnt so much about the zoom camera and I’m definitely going to use it in the future for my films.

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