Film school reflection

In inquiry this term we have been the first grade to experience film school. I think this was a fantastic experiment because we learnt so much every day on how to make a film. I have enjoyed film school because they made it very fun so it was not boring they added so cool facts that everyone thought was interesting. My favourite clinic was the green screen because it looked so sick and it didn’t look like a green screen at all. I loved every clinic but that was my most favourite. My biggest learning experience was probably how to work the cameras, mics and premier pro, it was really hard for me while we were doing our instructional films because I missed the editing film school session but l learnt very quickly. The mics I had no Idea how to use them but Mr Henderson taught me and I learnt very quickly as well. I never knew how to use the cameras but thanks to the teachers they taught me how to use it probably and how to put on the mics and heaps more. My biggest challenge was to keep up with all the blog posts because we had 2 sessions a week and if you don’t do a blog post and there’s on more clinic tomorrow and you don’t do it, the blog posts keep piling up. Maybe do a PowerPoint instead of a blog post because bog posts are really boring sometimes but PowerPoints are much more fun. If I was a teacher I would change doing as much blog posts and have more sessions of blogging in school times because heaps of people got caught behind and struggle. I would get rid of homework because heaps of people have heaps of other stuff on like sport and they have to stay up late to finish there homework. I have really enjoyed film school and I think the year sixers next year will really enjoy film school. The experiment has worked.

Term 1 reflection

Wow holidays are coming yay. It has come so fast, we have done heaps like we have done project rockit,


camp  and we had made bionic hands. I learnt so much this term like how to film, how to turn on lights, how to use the green screen and how to use some mics, the thing that has challenged me is having so much homework because I really dislike homework, waking at 6.00 on camp and the teachers put us to sleep at 10.30, going to school on Monday and missing some of the film school clinics due illness and broken wrist, it was really hard for me to know what to do for shotlist and story board and people in year 6 made short videos on clinics so if someone missed they can watch and learn but the ones I missed weren’t there. At the start of this term I disliked technology but I didn’t realise how fun it can be, with all the lights and cameras it was difficult for to pay attention because I didn’t really care but now I kinda like technology. I liked this term because I learnt so much.


We went to camp on last Monday to Wednesday, I didn’t really enjoy because it wasn’t my favourite things to do because I’m not in to technology and this camp was mostly about that, I’m more in to sport so that’s why I loved the MCG. I found it very entertaining because I learnt so much about the history of the MSG like some person hit a six and was the biggest six at the ground they even coloured the seat different to all the others, I also learnt that the footy players had to play down near a river because the cricketers played at the MCG, when we were walking down one of the hallways there were heaps of photos for each sport like footy, cricket, lacrosse etc. For cricket I found out that my dad was on one of the photos because he played for Melbourne uni, that was my favourite thing about camp. We had to walk so much and most of the kids were complaining but I liked walking. The most challenging thing was to wake up at 6.30 in the MORNING! The teachers put us to sleep at 10.30, The thing that they can improve on is MORE SLEEP and maybe make it a little bit sportier.

Magic Squares

In the last few sessions in project maths we focused on magic squares. Magic squares is really hard, t’s a 3×3 grid using numbers 1-9 every column, row and diagonal have to equal 15, there are 8 solutions, one of my friends found it has to equal 15 because 45 divided by 3 equals 15. My strategy was guess and check, I loved this strategy because it was really fun, everyone found this frustrating, every row and  column worked expect for one diagonal that happened to me heaps of times it was so annoying. I only found 2 on the first day. The next session everyone started working harder and trying some more strategies like break it smaller parts this worked for most people. But then people realised 5 had to be in the middle it doesn’t equal 15 if 5 is not in the middle. Miss Williamson told us to look for more patterns. So then we looked at our books and solutions to see if there more have to like the 5 in the middle then we found out all the even had to go in the corners and all the middle columns and rows contain odd numbers. I haven’t heard of magic squares before, I thought at first it looked like fays nines I think everyone did, the thing that was challenging it was that one or more row or column or diagonal one of the did not work it was so frustrating!!!!! I enjoyed being challenged and this very challenging. This maths activity was very fun, I think everyone loved it, I’m very happy because I found all of the solutions.


The other day in film school was my last clinic and hopefully I can get my directors hat. The clinic I did today was the editing clinic. We used the same programming system by adobe as we did for the green screen clinic it was premier pro cc. This is how you edit. First when you start editing you have to make sure that you download your footage on to your desktop before you start editing it. This is because the program will not react to the footage unless it is on your desktop. Then when you have put your footage on to the editing part you need to trim the video how you want it to fit in with music or something else in the film. Next is the scroll bar in time line that is for slotting in different footage in the film to put in film like music, a title or more footage. After that is speed and duration that is for making the footage faster or slower. An example is time laps that is make footage faster. When you use this the time of the film will increase or decrease. Then volume control that is to make the footage louder or softer. You can also mute the footage’s sound so you can just hear the backing track of music. I loved learning about editing and I can’t wait to use it for my films.

Shot list and storyboard

The other day in Inquiry we learnt about shot list and story boards. They are the planning phase of the film, there is a shot list which is a graph with all different columns to do with a film. The teacher told us too watch a video and do part of the shot list. I think I will find the shot list challenging because of the planning and I would probably want to do the film and then keep making films. I can’t wait to do some films and use the planning phase to help me. I learnt that only 15% of the film process is actually making the film and that 25% also that 60% is planning. I loved learning about shot list and story board.

Fays nines

The last few sessions in project maths we focused on fay nines. I knew nothing about this because I’ve never heard of it before, fays nines is maths activity and there is 3 rows and you have to make the first column equal eight, the second column has to equal eighteen and the last column has to equal nineteen. The first two column carry the 1 so they equal nine and nineteen that’s the whole point of the maths activity to equal 999 using numbers 1-9, The first time I was very confused I didn’t get how to do it, it’s confusing at the start but once you get the hang of it , it’s easy. Everyone tried to swap the numbers around like the seven and the eight but miss Williamson said that doesn’t count because it is not a unique solution, and that was the pattern I was working on so I had to change my way of working on the problem. You can’t swap the numbers in the same column but can swap numbers in the same row, this was very hard until everyone got the hang of it. I loved learning about fays nines it was very fun and I hope to do it again.

Zoom Camera

The other day in inquiry I chose to start learning about zoom camera. We did the clinics in classes so I was with all my classmates since there were so many camera clinics everyone thought that it was the end of the camera sessions but it there was another camera session which is called a zoom camera. The zoom camera is not a name for the camera so it can zoom in really well. The only bad thing about zooming in is the audio, the audio is not as good. These are the differences to the other cameras they are touch screen, there were a different shape, the audio, the mic is round so it picks up all the sounds around it. Also the wind sock is really good even the teacher went under the fan and you could not hear one little sound of the fan running on full speed. There is no hand strap you need to always have it hooked on to the try pod because if you drop it, it will damage the camera. The hood on the end of the camera prevents the sun spearing into the lens and when you put the camera away you need to put the lens on. This camera is a wide angled lens so that means it will have a wide frame like a go pro. You must have headphones with this camera because it will be easier to hear. The light on the camera will go red if you speak to loud. The mic is on the camera so you don’t need to use the shotgun mic you can use this camera. I found working this camera out challenging but I eventually got there. I learnt many things but this is one of them the camera is touch screen and I have not seen many cameras that are touch screen. I loved this of inquiry I learnt so much about the zoom camera and I’m definitely going to use it in the future for my films.