Wireless Microphone


The other day in my new film school clinic, we did the clinics in classes so I was with all my classmates I chose to start learning about the wireless mic. There are two different wireless microphones, one is the wireless lapel and the other one is the wireless handheld, they were hard to tell because they looked the same. I was already excited to learn about the wireless mic. The one that looked more exciting to me was probably the wireless lapel, because it looked a lot more complicated. The R stands for Receiver and the T stands for transmitter. The Receiver must be clipped to the handle of the camera and plugged into the camera using a cord and two inputs. After this is done, you will need to turn the sound pack on and you are ready to go. Then because the T sound pack is wireless, the transmitter must be clipped onto the belt or the pocket on the person talking. The T sound pack is connected to the small mic which clips onto your collar or whatever you would like to have it on. My group went outside to see how far away I had to be for the camera to stop hearing me. It topped hearing me at about 40 meters. I loved using the wireless mic and can’t wait to use it when I’m making a film in the future.

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