Audio Booths


In this film school clinic we started to learn about Audio Booths. Ms Williamson told us some helpful tips like talk naturally and pretend your mic is a person and your talking in a conversation with someone, speak clearly no one can understand you if you mumble, practice your script before you go in it will sound so much better if you know your script of by heart, good posture that will help speak more clearly, use actions it feels more naturally if you use actions. There are so many more helpful tips but I just chose them, here are some rules that Ms Williamson told us no food around the audio booths, respect the equipment people hate broken equipment, keep the mic and the stand secure the equipment might fall over and break if it is not secure, don’t take to long other people might want to have a go in the booth 5min max, always keep the space tidy, don’t knock on the window while people are in the audio booth because they might be recording and the knock might ruin the film, always use headphones so other sounds won’t distract you. Next we went into the audio booths and used a app called voice recorder so we can tell if we are speaking clearly or not I can’t tell you more info because a few people didn’t do it including me. I loved this session of inquiry and can’t wait use the audio booths in the future.

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