Green Screen

The other inquiry session we learnt about green screens. First we talked about the lights you must have lights during a year six film and how the lights changes the green screen Mrs Stafford said you can’t leave a shadow because it ruins the scene so you have to have to cameras at a angle and you can’t stand to far back to the green screen because It would leave a shadow so stand 50cm from the green screen because there will be a shadow. It’s very important that you talk to the camera apparently a lot of year sixers made the mistake of look at themselves from the TV.Mrs Stafford said that you can’t wear green clothes because it go right through you will be invisible and red and orange also affect the green screen sometimes, one more thing don’t stand right in the centre of the green screen maybe stand slightly to the right or left. A couple of volunteers preformed in front the screen and we used that footage in a app called premier cc we I loved this session of inquiry because it showed me how to use a green screen and all the lights. My films are going to be much better because we know how to use a green screen.

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