Shotgun Mic

A couple of days ago I chose to start learning about the shotgun microphone. We started to learn about how to connect a microphone to a camera talked to my group about how to connect the shot gun microphone to the camera. He said that there are a lot of details that are very important because you might damage or break something. You need to remember every step because apparently lots of people forget things. To start with there is a little screw hole that’s on the camera, on the bottom of the mic there is a little bit that you connect the microphone with. Once the mic is connected to the camera, you must plug the microphone into the camera slot. After this you will turn the microphone on, hopefully it will work this is something that a lot of people forget to do Make sure that you have headphones to focus on the person that’s speaking to the mic. Also Mr. Henderson showed us some other mics like the dead wombat it was a massive fluffy thing over the microphone to minuses to the wind and focus on the person talking, and an another protector for a normal microphone because heaps of people drop it and it also minuses wind. Nearing the end of the session, we got into little groups of about 6 or 5. What we had to see was how far can we get before we couldn’t hear the person talking for the shot gun microphone. Our group did really well we got heaps of meters away from the microphone until it would stop hearing you. You had to speak normally like in a conversation.

I learnt so much and I’m definitely going to use this in the future to make a film and heaps of other stuff.

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