Week 6 Reflection

Last week we had a ton of exciting events like swimming, some maths we haven’t done before and design.


We did a 4,5,6 intesive swimming program. We got put in lane groups but the groips weren’t based on the talent expect for lane 8. The one thing that is reallly bad is we missed recess, when I dived sometimes my goggles came of while I was diving but not of the diving board it was for freestyle. Diving of the diving board was my favourite activity out of the swimming program. To start of the diving we did pin drops and the after frontflips of the ground into the pool then we got to the frontflips of the diving board. I think I have improved my talent the this program. It’s been really fun!


In maths yesterday we were focusing on probability. An example of probability is like the weather theres a 50% it’s going to be sunny we have to 3 other examples of probability like theres a 40% OKC Thunder are going to win the NBA Champinship Theres a 20% Australia are not going to win the test series against South Afriaca  there is a 60% it’s going to be a good summer. We got 3 circles and cut them out, there was 2 unfair and 1 fair our class got orange crayons then we coloured them in, with the fair we had to do an even circle I did 4 quarters and with the other circles I did 3 quarters and a third to make it uneven then we got these plastic spinners and put the paper spinners in the plastic spinner and spin it 10 times then collect the spins like my even circle 5 out of 5 which is the best result you get my others were 3 out of 7 and 2 out of 8. We stuck sticky notes on the paper spinners, we chose 1 uneven and stuck it on the wall from worst result to best result, then spun each others and see if the result were right. I enjoyed this maths lesson.




This week we have been working on crumpier bags. We got a nearly done I only have to do a few more stiches and put on the valcroe, my partner has kept on making the sewing machine not work and completly hogging the sewing machine as well! But I only have to unpick twice but I am on the bottom of the bag sewing the end and then folding it then sewing it again. All I have to do is the valcroe, Mrs Watson is going to sew a little hole at the very top. I have enjoyed this week!