Today instead of sewing because Mrs Watson wasn’t here we did robotics. We made another swing because someone stepped on our old swing, but our new one was better and didn’t have as much sticky tape on it. We worked in a different place because we needed hot glue to make sure the boxes stayed together because it would look better, heaps of people got hot glue on the fingers I accdently got some on my finger it hurt like really badly. Ted M broke our robot so we have to build it all again which is not that good

Towers Of Hanoi

Last week in maths we focused on the Towers Of Hanoi. The rules were you could only move 1 square at time and there couldn’t be a bigger square on top of a smaller square. There were 3 needles and 5 circles or squares, we started off with 4 squares to get used to it but my partner and I forgot about and started with 5 by accident. The aim was to get it in 15 moves with 4 it was impossible to get anything below, we did quite easily but others struggled with it but everyone eventually got it. You have to move everything square to complete the task at one stage we thought we had it in something like 12 because we forgot to move the big square.


1 square = 1 move

2 = 3

3 = 7

4 = 15

5 = 31

This has been really fun I enjoyed this maths last week.



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Yestarday at Cre8 [create but the in year 8 so cre8]  the guy that made computer console that I was really interested in, his name is Ethan. Ethan said it was so hard to find all of these little bits to make a computer console, he checked all over the internet to find little all the eletronic stuff It took him heaps of time and effort. The total of the of the the cost was $1010, the project of the cre8 Ethan was my favourite overall because he showed the time and effort to make a successful computer console. But the whole cre8 thing was amazing, I can’t until year 8 to do this amzaing project.



I’ve made a screen cast for my program. In term 4 design we are going to focus more in robotics. We had some choices for design to do line following, dance, scratch, crumpier bags, challenge mats and electronics. I chose dance and crumpier bags, we started with the dance. We got into groups of 4 and discussed what to do for our dance. We kept changing ideas like the scene, the costume, the music and the program, we thought of two trucks going to fight and the winner is going dance. But we have came up with a finalised plan at the park and we are going to make a truck running into a little kid on swing which took me 3 quaters period in a hawthorn jersey because our team hates hawthorn, theres going be a geelong supporter laughing at the hawthorn kid. Once it runs the kid it’s going to dance. The one bad thing about the dance is we have to dance beside the robot but i’m not going to be there for dance because i’m going away by week 8 and the competiton is in week 9, I’ll help my teamates as much as I can to make them win.

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On I the holidays I did not do many things. I helped my dad and 2 other helpers build the shelfs in the shed, no one got hurt. I went to Jacks house and a few others but Jacks house was the best. He’s place is over 5000 Akers, I went mountian bike at the Yau Yangs. We went shooting at some targets I did pretty for my first time, But the thing about Jacks that was the best is motorbike riding on Jacks professional track. I was a bt scared on doing table tops but I finally did on the 2 lap out 20 [about] and I cleared easily did it, I kept getting more conferdence in myself. I nearly crashed a couple times beause I got so much the place you would turn would right there, Jack has bike and his little brother have the same bike as me so I knew what I was doing but the thing I was suprised by was the susppesion on the bikes I got so high up the air and sometimes I would very on flat surfaces. The holidays was a good break, I needed it.