On Wednesday we left for camp. I couldn’t sleep because I was so excited, the bus ride took an hour it was near ballarat. When we got there I felt the adrenaline rush there were so many activities to do like abseiling, flying fox, archery and heaps more. We started to get set and find out our cabins, I got a really good cabin there were no one that I didn’t like. The point of camp was to not be with your best friends all the time the point was to find new best friends.

We started of doing low ropes and the giant slide for the day, there was only 4 groups and 2 activities so group 1 and 2 joined together and 3 and 4. Our group started of doing low ropes, low ropes is when the aim of the game is to try to not have any fall you have to balance on a rope with 2 spotters t’s basically your friends supporting you so you don’t have a major fall but thats the only time they can support, I reckon every would had heaps of falls if it weren’t for the spotters. There were the will always be a wire so you can walk. There were different sections to the low ropes like 2 ropes to hold as you walk across and 3 ropes that are separate and grab onto to get across. I got over with one fall, the next challenge was to do it blind folded! I got over with 1 fall, most people thought including me that it was easier because you could put a your distractions to the side and be focused about crossing over without a fall.

We did the giant slide next. Wow it’s fun, you got a mattress of your choice we had to get the slow one first because we had to get used to it. There was a slow, 2 mediums and a fast, we had long pants and a jumper because the burn was just like a carpet burn you didn’t want that. The slide was long, thin and bit steep and rocky at the start, there mattresses at the end so you could dive into them and it was really scary because I nearly fell of a few times.

That was a exhausting day, we had dinner watched a movie then went to bed.

After a good sleep I had heaps of energy for 4 different activities, abseiling was first it like rock climbing but backwards I went first, we had that many safety ropes and on us. The bloke told us to put your good hand at the back and the other at the front, so if you fall the good hand would save you from falling to death but you would of had heaps of safety ropes so that wouldn’t happen. We were the only group that did it because there were a snake and the wind. Abseiling was a event was to overcome your fear of heights.

The flying fox was after abseiling. The flying fox was massive and really long, you could do tricks and some people didn’t bother do tricks because there were scared. But there were that many safety ropes just in case, you walked up a hill to get to the flying fox, when you got to the end there was a wooden plank to stop us from having an injury and then the breaks crew helped us. There job was to pull the big bands holding the plank in position when I got past the brick to bring the bands to the tires at the very end of the flying fox. The last job was the fisherman, the fisherman job was to get the person because when you got rope at the start along with other stuff so the fisherman can grab the rope and pull you to the end so the supervisor can unattach for the wire. The worst thing was that we could only have 2 goes, but everyone had 2 turns.

Hut building was the 2 last activity we did. We got into groups of 3 and picked are area, I think we picked the best spot set up our hut. We had to make sure it was rain proof and wind proof but we couldn’t really test that out. We got a rope put it around the 3 tree stumps that were a meter high, stacked logs against to make a wall and put branches on top to build a roof then put a tarp over it. I think ours was the best.

Archery! I’m not that good at archery I was surprised to get like 6 shots on the target, some people got a bullseye some people didn’t do well at all. The bloke told to have a few practices before the shot, it was vital that when you pull and let with no arrow you brake the bow. You pull sideways because it was easier to put the arrow in, then fire when the bloke told you to. It’s very important that we wait until the guy says to collect the arrows because we wouldn’t want to arrows going through someone. Archery was fun but dangerous.

The events got cancelled due to rain so we stayed inside while watching a movie. I would like to thank the directors for making this camp, I really like to go to this place again. I had a good experince hear it’s fun!